9 Hilarious Disney Themed Posts on Tumblr Which Disney Fans Can't Miss

Disney has created tons of highly successful animated films, which is proven by the fact that Disney has become an inevitable part of many childhoods. You may forget their films' names, but can tell about Disney beauties like Belle, for hours.
In addition to amazing plots and beautiful characters, Disney movies always deliver meaningful and positive messages, especially in educating children. Not only do kids go crazy for Disney movies but adults also love them as they mention many social issues. However, they are transported into fantasy land and fantasy life, which helps to raise everybody's hope for a better life.
As a result, people take Disney as a theme to discuss on social networks that everyone can easily relate to. And below are the 9 funniest Disney-themed Tumblr posts that make you laugh out loud. Let's check them out!

#1 The song is translated from the Lion King


#2 This is a really romantic scene, right?


#3 "I will never say "giving me a hand" anymore!"


#4 "I love things which have my face on it!"


#5 Lilo gently showed Stitch love


#6 "I have been wondering about this scene since I was young"


#7 This post is beautiful until...


#8 Is Snow White's appearance being exaggerated?


#9 Do you get the joke?

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