25 Hilarious Disney Comics That Guaranteed to Ruin Your Memories

For over 80 years, Walt Disney Pictures has released a lot of excellent animated films which become a beloved part of many people’s childhood. It’s very exciting to be a Disney fan and turn our favorites into a source of inspiration.

From amazing Disney character cosplays to brilliant fan arts, there’s something impressive for everyone, humorous comics that make fun of some of the most popular films, for instance. Some comics provide fresh takes on iconic sequences that will change our outlook on the film forever. Others offer new, exciting comments on some of Disney’s funniest, oddest, and dumbest moments. Some even present us with various endings or narratives for our favorite characters!

Whether you’re a die-hard Disney fan or not, there’s a fan comic out there that will make you laugh. Here are a few of our favorites! Check them out and share them with your friends!

#1 Guess!

Source: berkeleymews

#2 She has bad memories of all “apple” things.

Source: accordingtodevin

#3 This was a smart use of her time.

Source: piecomic

#4 This is why being specific is important.

Source: electricbunnycomics

#5 So many women can relate to Aurora today.

Source: Adam Ellis

#6 Now this we can relate to.

Source: Adam Ellis

#7 Oops

Source: toonhole

#8 If I were Rapunzel, this would be me.

Source: catversushuman

#9 That was pretty rude!

Source: Adam Ellis

#10 In case you were wondering why everyone else was also cursed…

Source: JHailComics

#11 I guess tasting that apple before she baked with it saved a whole lot of lives, eh?

Source: berkeleymews

#12 Raja is just a big kitty.

Source: Adam Ellis

#13 Well, she knows what she likes…

Source: accordingtodevin

#14 Understood

Source: tomperwomper

#15 But she didn’t know

Source: smbc

#16 Bird Songs

Source: electricbunnycomics

#17 If Pocahontas had a mom

Source: Amy Kim

#18 When?

Source: Adam Ellis

#19 Poor u!!!

Source: berkeleymews

#20 They change a lot

Source: morgaer

#21 A stong princess

Source: K009

#22 Yeah, Mushu is the best

Source: accordingtodevin

#23 An amazing club

Source: zzleigh

#24 She just needs a phone

Source: bizarro

#25 Mirror mirror on the wall

Source: piecomic