29 Funny Disney Memes That Fans Will Collapse Into Giggles

Everyone knows Disney. Its movies are popular and familiar to children all around the world for their appealing storylines, beautiful characters, and amazing music. Today, Disney is not only famous for its releases, but for hilarious fan-made memes as well.
There are plenty of Disney memes out there, but all have one thing in common: they are extremely funny and relatable. Those memes depict so well the awkward and hilarious situations that every one of us may have experienced at least once in life.
Curious about how Disney characters can be so relatable? Check it out below for 29 genius Disney memes!

#1 Baby Avengers

#2 This remains as one of the most wholesome Disney movies

#3 Because we don't want to hurt our fathers

#4 Norse mythology fans: We knew it all this time

#5 We need snuggles to stay sane

#6 A character that won our hearts

#7 Belle is living the dream life of every bookworm

#8 We will never forget him

#9 When mom asks you to go grocery shopping:

#10 Is this the last day of my life?

#11 Who says I can't go to Disney every day?

#12 Hope my guests will love these plates

#13 When Andy is in quarantine, the toys are just like dead

#14 To all the people around me:

#15 Then congratulations Linguini, you have broken the laws of nature

#16 The older we get, the weirder we become

#17 You know what to watch this weekend, guys

#18 No wonder the pandemic isn't over yet

#19 And your dog will not ask you for the princess dress

#20 At least the bakery smells better

#21 Mom knows best, literally.

#22 This is what the glass shoe is supposed to turn into after 12 am

#23 A formidable but very cheap weapon

#24 A year ago, the whole fandom broke into chaos because of this scene

#25 Everyone needs a Riley in their minds

#26 Another achievement for humankind: going through a deadly pandemic

#27 Hope that they all turned back to human

#28 Change my mind.

#29 Shocked Pikachu face

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