20+ Encanto Memes To Celebrate The Magic Of The Madrigals

2021 continues to be a big year for Disney with many huge blockbusters that stir up the cinematic world, and one of them is its newest animated musical Encanto. Centering on members of the Madrigal family who all have amazing superpowers (except our protagonist Mirabel), this movie is truly a feast for both the eyes and the ears with a bright, lively style of art and top-notch original songs. Especially, as many Disney fans already know, Encanto's "We Don't Talk About Bruno" has just surpassed Frozen's "Let It Go" as the biggest Disney hit song since 1995.
To celebrate this great news, we think it's pretty fair to honor Encanto again with some humorous pictures that its fans edited to express their love toward the film and share the Encanto magic with others. In this post, we have collected 22 amusing Encanto memes that we find brilliant, and we're sure that they will put a smile on your face too. Just scroll down and enjoy!

#1. Totally a mood.

Source: rainybearstudio

#2. You, and his dad.

Source: satiricalmommy

#3. 2022 should be interesting.

Source: multifandom_fan_memer

#4. I will gladly do so!

Source: teen.sayings

#5. Mirabel is truly amazing.

Source: lartista310

#6. Yummy yummy in my tummy.

Source: perfect_sayying

#7. We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no...

Source: prouddisnerds

#8. It's all about miracles.

Source: yeyerz_

#9. Let's talk about how we shouldn't talk about Bruno.

Source: whyarewedoingthis__

#10. Encanto has some bops though.

Source: heart.in.psych

#11. When Disney calls you out...

Source: amatusbun

#12. Being the oldest is fun until they start to tease you.

Source: multifandom_fan_memer

#13. And the only daughters too.

Source: shelly_meme

#14. Wait, what?

Source: multifandom_fan_memer

#15. Encanto is definitely one of Disney's best movies!

Source: prouddisnerds

#16. No, not again...

Source: milothemoron

#17. Oh come on!

Source: the.garden.of.eeee

#18. No offense, Matrix.

Source: multifandom_fan_memer

#19. Thank you, Isabela.

Source: mma.raa

#20. Please take me back to those good old days again...

Source: multifandom_fan_memer

#21. Poor Bruno!

Source: the.garden.of.eeee

#22. Let it all out, kid.

Source: be_kind_of_witty

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