22 Stories And Advice Revealed By Disney Staff That Will Leave You Open-Mouthed

It has been thought that Disney parks, which attract thousands of visitors every year, are the happiest places in the world. However, many individuals, who have worked or visited there, reveal that not everything is magical at Disneyland, Disney World, and in the wide range of various theme parks. In fact, there hides more profundity, effort, and weirdness than what you can imagine.
Sounds interesting, right? Okay, let's divulge a little bit of information! Below, we display many stories or pieces of advice that get unveiled by Disney employees or visitors. They are dozens of unprecedented experiences which you do not expect at all. Containing cute, shocking, or even scary situations, these go beyond what you can see!
So, why don't you scroll down to check our compilation out? This file contains many secrets of the world in your childhood dream, so let's dive right into it!

#1 Seeing a girl dressed like Anna in Frozen, and below is the reaction of the Disney employee who portrayed Anna.


#2 Some people assume that there are bubbles in Disney parks like in Star Trek, but there are not, so these parks also can get wet.

Source: unicornCornUnique, Jeff

#3 Simulating different princesses, a Disney employee received cards from a little girl.

Source: too-tsunami, Jennie Park mydisneyadventures

#4 As an employee, my whole day gets improved when someone says thank you.

Source: liluzienthusiast, Mimi Thian

#5 Not being allowed to have a table with his dog, James Spader was rude to the employee from that restaurant.

Source: MeleMallory, Thibault

#6 Real-life Gaston is actually nice.

Source: ravenclawrebel, Loren Javier

#7 A young man came to get his girlfriend a disability pass to ride the roller coasters and said she was a bit pregnant.

Source: Julie Kasik, Derick McKinney

#8 A family abandoned their adult son, who was in a wheelchair with a slew of health complications, in a restaurant in MK. He was there for about 2-3 hours.

Source: Eticket15, Ricardo IV Tamayo

#9 Disney's employees perform a wide variety of things, so it is understandable when sometimes things cannot be perfect.

Source: misslyss96

#10 Employees only wish for customers to laugh at their jokes since they do not want them to sit in silence for seven and a half minutes.

Source: liluzienthusiast, Priscilla Du Preez

#11 On a hot and humid day in Food and Wine, a mom gave her child a sip of her beer.

Source: aka_chela, Steven Miller

#12 You are faster if you always are ready to scan your passes.

Source: crysta6149, HarshLight

#13 A woman changed her clothes in front of 10 people in a queue for the Tiki room.

Source: Nataliyana, JeffChristiansen

#14 A woman ramed the guy in front of her with the stroller as he walked too slow.

Source: GATORinaZ28, Humphrey Muleba

#15 The dome gets put up when it rains.

Source: Bkbee, Stephen Gidley

#16 A thank you card is a perfect gift for a person who works in Disney park!

Source: WifeAndPsycho, Kelly Sikkema

#17 A man passed the security, and with his scissors, he cut the string of a little girl's balloon.

Source: intrinsicentity, Aleksandar Živković

#18 Because of could not pronounce "Veronica," a Spanish name, an employee got yelled at by a customer.

Source: reddit, Chermiti Mohamed

#19 A lady tried to smuggle an infant onto Indy at DL!

Source: atheistpiece, Camylla Battani

#20 Because of waiting for the bathroom too long, a woman tried to pull down her pants pee in the lobby. And definitely, the security came very quickly!

Source: contaminatedesert, Possessed Photography

#21 A couple hid their 6-month baby in a black duffel bag!

Source: broken_long_thumbkey, Taylor Beach

#22 Stop dumping your cremated loved ones in Haunted Mansion! Because this house gets vacuumed up and disposed of, there's no point in doing that!

Source: overnight_cm_girl, fortherock

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