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20 Post About Upcoming ‘Encanto’ That Disney Fans Will Go Crazy For

“Encanto” tells the story of the Madrigals, an extraordinary multi-generational family who lives in a thriving town, in a wondrous, enchanting place known as Encanto. Every kid in the family has received a unique talent from the Encanto’s magic, ranging from extreme strength to the ability to heal—except one, Mirabel. Mirabel only wants to help her family, but without magic, she sometimes feels out of place. However, when the magic starts to fade, she could be the only one who can save the family.

There are so many things to love about Encanto. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s lyrics are fantastic, capturing a wide range of emotions and subjects. There’s also a nice blend of happiness and despair in the plot. The film is known as a pleasant family film, which it is, however, there is an undercurrent of sadness. But the discovery of interesting details in the movie is what truly gets to us. Fans of this famous animated film are quick to point out some intriguing footage and hypotheses that give a new degree of depth.

Did you figure out any interesting details from Encanto? Drop them in the comments below.

Warning: There are big spoilers ahead for “Encanto”, so if you haven’t seen it yet, go to Disney+ first and then come back.

#1 The Latino experience

Source: @nanauzumakiii

#2 A deeper meaning to the gifts

Source: Caskyams

#3 The white flower grows on Isabela’s head

Source: luzsorbit

#4 Protect their daughter

Source: toothlesshat

#5 A cup of coffee makes your day

Source: somanyoreos

#6 A Colombian’s comment on “Encanto”

Source: all-the-heart-you-cannot-see

#7 Meticulous details on clothes

Source: videogameweirdo

#8 Luisa is the strong girl in Disney world

Source: tending-the-hearth

#9 Mirabel is directly linked to the magic

Source: sparklecadet

#10 Cause and effect

Source: Decy_Wilde

#11 Antonio Madrigal- A brave boy

Source: one-more-fangirl

#12 Foreshadowing the magical gifts

Source: divine-wood

#13 All about Abuela Madrigal

Source: andmeggyhash

#14 Burno is not a villain though he is first introduced in green

Source: hamwrestler

#15 Trying to help any way he can

Source: tiny–cryptid

#16 Not a prophecy, just some light teasing

Source: some-random-human-315

#17 Every family has its favorites

Source: ermine-writer

#18 Supportive older sisters

Source: starrmaiden

#19 Make it an animated series

Source: agonethetic

#20 A Clever Easter Egg

Source: marauders4evr

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