24 Of The Most Awesome Things That Disney Employees Have Ever Done

According to Bruce Jones, Senior Director of the Disney Institute, there are many factors that make the success of Disney land, but the most important is the service. 'We create happiness by providing the best in Entertainment for people of all ages everywhere". And the Disney theme parks' staff truly try their best to make Disneyland the most magical place on the planet and make your trip the most memorable.
Many visitors say Disneyland is a magnificent place – and they’re right! And it isn't only the attractions that make it so great, but Disney's employees are also extraordinary, in that truly Disney way. They are tremendously passionate about what they do and make you feel like you're a true part of your favorite story. For example, Minnie communicates in ASL with a deaf boy, and then she hugs him softly. Or it's so cute and kind when you are given a warm hug from your favorite character.
Scroll down to see Disney employees doing amazing things. Do you have any unforgettable impressions of Disney employees? Please share them below in the comments.


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