14 Things You Might Miss During The Opening Number From “Beauty And The Beast”

On November 22, 1991, Disney released their 30th animation “Beauty and the Beast”. It was a blockbuster of Disney because it was the first animated movie ever to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.
Along with a great message about inner beauty, the film’s plot was promoted by fantastic music. In particular, the song that impresses the fans the most is the film’s first song “Belle”. This song is the first introduction to the beautiful heroine Belle. In addition, we also see the vibrant life in Belle's village. However, in the first 10 minutes of the movie, there are many other interesting details that you don't notice. Did you realize that The Bimbettes have trendy pointy toe heels? Or did you notice two hidden Mickeys in the window of the bookstore?
Here are 14 funny things you may miss during the opening of "Beauty and the Beast". Check it out!

#1 Belle doesn't lock her door after leaving

#2 This guy looks at Belle’s ass

#3 There are three dogs in the village

#4 These kids have a pet turtle

#5 The woman in pink makes a signal

#6 This guy has a metal pot on his head

#7 This woman sells a fish with a cat hanging from it

#8 The fishmonger sells some stinky-ass fish

#9 This man is smoking a blunt

#10 This lady throws the baguette into the crowd

#11 There are two different characters wearing wigs

#12 The Bimbettes have trendy pointy toe high heels.

#13 The Bimbettes run the water pump with their boobs

#14 There are two “hidden Mickeys” in the window of the bookshop

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