Hawkeye Spin-off "Echo" Will Be Written By Writers Of Daredevil And The Punisher

It seems that the announced Hawkeye spin-off series titled "Echo" has finally found the screenwriters designated to write the show.
As reported by The Illuminerdi, Marvel Studios would have entrusted Echo's screenplay to two big names with a long and profitable experience in the field of Marvel-themed series: Dara Resnik and Ken Kristensen. Resnik has already written two episodes for the third season of Daredevil, while Kristensen has written three episodes of The Punisher. The two writers will join the writing team consisting of three other talented writers Shoshannah Stern (Supernatural), Bobby Wilson (Rutherford Falls), and Marion Dayre (Better Call Saul).
At the moment no further details on the show have been revealed other than its production is still in the initial stages. However, at least we know that the events of Echo will focus on Maya Lopez, who has been recently introduced to the board audience in Hawkeye - the latest series of Marvel Studios that debuted on Disney+ on November 24th.

Image source: Marvel Studios

Better known as Echo, Maya Lopez was born deaf and later became the adoptive daughter of the infamous villain Kingpin. She was introduced to the world of comics on the pages of Daredevil #9 (David Mack and Joe Quesada, 1999) as one of the first Marvel heroes to have disabilities, just like the notoriously blind Daredevil himself.

Image source: Marvel Comics

Sharing the same Native American origins with her character, actress Alaqua Cox will return to Marvel once again to portray Echo in this brand new series, which will be produced by Etan Cohen and Emily Cohen.
As reported by Variety, Echo is currently in the early stages of development at Marvel Studios and no release date has been announced yet. While waiting for its premiere, please keep in mind that all Hawkeye episodes are still available for streaming on Disney+.
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