What Does The Future Hold For Kate Bishop?

Disney+ series Hawkeye marks the official appearance of Kate Bishop in the MCU, an exciting moment for both the actress Hailee Steinfield and the fans of this character.
In the series, Kate Bishop finally came face-to-face with Yelena Belova and Kingpin while collaborating with Clint Barton aka Hawkeye for her first adventure. The first season of Hawkeye ended successfully and the fans are all having one question: What happens next? What does the future hold for this amazing character?
Fans have been wondering and putting out some possibilities for Kate Bishop's future in the MCU. Find out below!

#1 Hawkeye season 2

Hawkeye season 2 is the most possible continuation for Kate Bishop's future in the MCU. At the end of the season 1, Clint Barton gave her his moniker and introduced her to his family, which excites the fans about what may happen next in the next season, if there's any.

#2 A solo movie

When a character catches great attention from the audience, she can totally get a solo movie for herself, which is totally possible for Kate Bishop. A solo movie will be able to fully portray her abilities and intelligence, and potentially connect her more with the timeline of the MCU via a strong cameo.

#3 Teaming up with Spider-Man

Let's turn to a little bit far-fetched scenario: Kate Bishop and Spider-Man. Since Spider-Man: No Way Home told us that Spider-Man is now back to fighting street crime, a collaboration between him and Kate Bishop, who has the same aim, will be a very interesting one.

#4 Work with the new Captain America

Sam Wilson is now the new Captain America and his solo movie will be out in the cinemas soon. People are making prediction that Kate Bishop will possibly make a cameo in the film as a future member of the Avengers, substituting Clint Barton.

#5 The Young Avengers

As the Avengers were introduced 10 years ago, it is high time for Marvel to prepare for the descendants. Marvel has been slowly introducing the new gems of the Avengers, and Kate Bishop is anticipated to be in the leading role. Up to now, the fans have seen Speed, Wiccan, Ms. Marvel, etc. They are waiting for the official debut of the Young Avengers to fully see the potential of this team of gifted individuals.
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