5 MCU Duos That Fans Love To See More On Screen

The MCU franchises, such as The Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy, brought several team-ups and alliances consisting of formidable superheroes to the big screen. And those epic team-ups have never disappointed the viewers, even the fastidious ones.
Because of that, fans always love to see more collaborations of the heroes. There are some characters that have interacted with each other before, but never had a chance to work together in a battle, and the fans are waiting for it!
Here are 5 MCU duos that fans truly want them to cooperate with each other!

#1 Loki and Doctor Strange

When Loki team up with Doctor Strange, this unlikely duo would create a great battle! One thing for sure is that no one wants to mess up with a sorcerer and God of Mischief.

#2 Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter

Sharon Carter was sent to look out for Steve Rogers, and the two worked together in great harmony. Although their romance didn't work out so well, fans are still waiting to see more of them on screen.

#3 Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff

At the end of their battle scene in Captain America: Civil War, Natasha hardly spoke to Barnes, "You could at least recognize me.", which hints that they have worked together before. Because of this, fans hope these two characters could team up with each other in a future movie.

#4 Thor and Captain Marvel

Thor and Captain Marvel only met each other once at the headquarters. Since both of them are listed as the most powerful in the MCU, fans are eager to see how the cooperation between them would turn out.

#5 Vision and Darcy Lewis

The series WandaVision was the only interaction between Vision and Darcy Lewis, and it received a great response from the audience. Since it was the only interaction they have ever had, fans are waiting for the next collaborations of them on screen.
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