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25 Times Entitled ‘Karens’ Put Themselves Over Others But Got Shamed Instead

Everyone comes across an entitled person at least once in their lives. Sometimes, it’s honestly hard to believe that someone can be so selfish that they assume we owe them something. Moreover, these self-centered people exist everywhere – so much so that even people give them a special name “Karens.” Calling an entitled person Karen has been around for a while, but today it’s so ubiquitous that we cringe whenever hearing that name.

Here are some entitled “Karen” people stumbled across. When “Karen” who stood too close to a guy in line was asked to give him 6ft of space, she granted him spectacular revenge with 15ft. Another “Karen” slapped herself in the face for going to the nail salon against her own stay-at-home order. The list still goes on. Scroll down to check out other entitled Karen stories. Also, don’t forget to upvote your most impressive one.

#1. Karen’s “revenge”

Source: imBrittJones

#2. Karen is at it again…

Source: old.reddit.com

#3. Laura Ingraham wants to talk to COVID-19’s manager

Source: ingrahamangle

#4. Okay Karen

Source: reddit.com

#5. Generic Karen

Source: surinaamer

#6. Let’s see how this goes…

Source: 6ixbuzztv

#7. They’re everywhere…

Source: old.reddit.com

#8. Love to hear that convo with a lawyer

Source: reddit.com

#9. Jumping to conclusions and embarrassing only herself

Source: whatsupboosh

#10. Another Karen has been detected

Source: old.reddit.com

#11. “All measures are for others, not for me”

Source: nypost

#12. A covidiot

Source: sammistitches

#13. Karen spat at the owner of a local pizzeria and he slapped back

Source: old.reddit.com

#14. That is the next level

Source: yawexperience

#15. Some parents are unreal

Source: SgtK_999

#16. According to Karen’s resume, MILITARY SPOUSE is a rank.

Source: missginadarling

#17. Twitter Karen

Source: reddit.com

#18. The youth Baseball team had to put these signs up because of the amount of Karens acting like Karens

Source: old.reddit.com

#19. I have some questions!

Source: old.reddit.com

#20. Bruh

Source: reddit.com

#21. “Hello, black HR person? My coworker cares about black lives! Publicly! I’m attacked”

Source: k___mia

#22. She is a Karen as well lmao

Source: old.reddit.com

#23. Poor Karen

Source: Karma_Sleeps

#24. At McDonald’s yesterday, there were two Karens hosting a baby shower and they wanted *only women* to serve their food for them

Source: old.reddit.com

#25. Karen gets stung by a Bae!!

Source: old.reddit.com


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