War Machine Powerful Abilities That The Armor Wars Series Must Demonstrate

Despite donning a suit of armor comparable to Iron Man, War Machine is a very distinctive superhero than his colleague Avenger. Captain Marvel once discussed James Rhodes about why Iron Man had ten thousand distinct sets of armor while he only has one. Although the remark is meant as a jest, it highlights the most significant distinction between the two protagonists. Iron Man adapts, but War Machine confronts difficulties head-on.
War Machine has proven himself as a significant protagonist in the Marvel Universe since his introduction. He aided Tony Stark in several near-death emergencies, became a part of the Avengers, and repeatedly placed himself in danger to rescue humanity. With the new Armor Wars series, War Machine is about to make a big impression. Here are a handful of the War Machine suit's amazing qualities that we'd want to see someday.

#1 There’s A War Machine Satellite Created For Planetary Defense

Tony Stark went to great lengths in the comics to create War Machine a viable planet protector. Tony trusted Rhodey in ways that he had never trusted any other Avenger before. He constructed a large satellite array capable of communicating with the War Machine suit. In the event of an outer-space danger, the War machine armor might connect to the array and have access to highly powerful space-based armament. Because of this ability, the armor became a weapon of mass devastation, and James Rhodes became one of the most powerful Avengers on the planet.

#2 Techno-Morphing & Assimilation

Stark utilized retroactive technology, which allows the suit to adapt to the situation. War Machine is loaded to the teeth, yet there isn't enough room for every weapon the exo-suit carries. As a result, this functionality is really useful. Using this hyper adaptable technology, the War Machine armor could morph cannons and mini-guns. It may also analyze surrounding technologies and incorporate them into the suit's armament to improve its effectiveness. Armor Wars should consider this feature.

#3 The War Machine AI Can Control & Integrate With Any Technology

The technology is cutting-edge. However, so is the software. The War Machine AI might not be as well-known as JARVIS or FRIDAY. However, the technology is lightyears ahead of what mankind has to deliver. The War machine AI can connect with and operate any type of technology, human or otherwise, using several complicated protocols and data arrays within the armor. James Rhodes isn't a hacker by profession, but with his armor's skills, he can get into some of the world's most highly secured systems without making a muscle.

#4 Chameleon Mode

Chameleon Mode is exactly what it sounds like. From a distance, the large and bulky armor is easy to notice. It also creates a particularly big target for hostile firepower. To address this issue, the War Machine armor has Chameleon Mode. This function renders the outfit nearly undetectable even to the human eye!! When the suit is in this state, neither radar nor thermal imaging scanners can identify it. It has aided James Rhodes in getting out of some difficult situations on several situations.

#5 Vibranium Mesh Around The Suit

Vibranium is one of the world's rarest elements. Its unusual characteristics allow it to withstand a tremendous amount of destruction without even a scratch. It also has the potential to absorb and discharge kinetic energy. In Black Panther, we witnessed the metal in action. The vibranium used in the War Machine outfit isn't the only material used. It does, however, include enough Vibranium mesh to make it nearly immune to harm. This capability is, of course, derived from comic books. Wakanda must appear in some form in Armor Wars considering that they have already featured in Falcon and The Winter Soldier. This could be an excellent approach to go about it.

#6 Stark Tech Immunity

Despite being developed by Tony Stark; the armor has passed through several hands. The suit is armed with both Stark-Tech and Stane-Tech in the comics. The Stane-Tech renders it resistant to any threats from Stark-Tech weaponry. The MCU has granted permission for the suit to include Hammer-Tech. That might also function similarly to Stane-Tech, enabling the suit to easily deflect strikes from Stark Tech weaponry.
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