28 Posts That Are Hilarious But Also Shake You Up With The Sad Reality

Sadness mixed with humor in a perplexing, chaotic, and confusing way—that’s what the r/FunnyandSad, an online community on Reddit, is all about. This group was founded in November 2013, and now is the home of over 732k members. The subreddit does exactly what it says and collects posts that are both amusing and sad from all around the internet.
Laughing to tears (or crying while laughing) will show you that life is much more varied and nuanced than the black and white world that you often see on social media. Life is not a bed of roses. Sadness is also a part of life. Rather than running away from it, you should embrace it because such experience will shape you into a brave person who dares to face difficulties in the future. Now, scroll down to check out 28 funny and sad posts people shared on that group.

#1. How about "Avoid it like the vaccine?"

Source: mattblaze

#2. It's true

Source: BobGolen

#3. Depends on who the seller is

Source: DeaconBlues0

#4. Burn baby burn!


#5. Such a tough issue, guy

Source: jamesthetang

#6. "In my time, 50 euros was a lot of money, you know... - Yes grandma, but your time is over."

Source: eeberquist

#7. Three Patriots trying to save America


#8. It's a lot of stuff that would make things better easier

Source: GoodPoliticGuy

#9. Unfortunately, it gets swept under the rug because we don’t have our s**t together


#10. Feel like I'm seeing a civil war

Source: mhdksafa

#11. Millennials in Congress


#12. I guess the hotline technically worked?


#13. Good luck finding a landline!

Source: kennykeil

#14. We can't do anything else but laugh at this point


#15. Too soon?


#16. What? How? Why?


#17. It sucks to be a diabetic in the U.S.


#18. Tweet: Raising the hand

Source: E_StewartLittle

#19. The war in Afghanistan cost Americans 300 Million a day for the last 20 years


#20. Robots are expensive, Bio-Slave is cheap

Source: sleepisocialist

#21. Yes, that is a true icebreaker

Source: pseudo310

#22. American dream move out of the country


#23. Best marketing strategy ever!


#24. A true answer

Source: CWAUnion

#25. Nice going sis


#26. Seen on my walk to work yesterday...


#27. America's healthcare


#28. This is darkly comic

Source: MNateShyamalan

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