Hilarious First-Date Disasters That Prove These Bad Guys Deserve Seats In Jail

The first date is an indispensable part of a relationship as it allows people to determine if that person is suitable for them to move further into the relationship. If they are satisfied with their partner, they will express themselves in the best possible way. On the contrary, if they don't like their date, they will find any way to get out of there. Sometimes, what they do is not polite and tactful, which makes the other want to bury their head in the ground.
Like these folks, they have gone through traumatizing experiences. One guy went into hiding after taking his date to a fancy restaurant, eating all the expensive food there. Another gave his partner hair dye just because he didn't like her hair. You might wonder whether these people have ever recovered enough to go back to dating again. Anyway, scroll down to see how disastrous hanging out for the first time with someone can be.

#1. That is genius...

Source: MummeWummie

#2. Because the other two dates were failed and that restaurant has a good cheesecake

Source: jessieb365

#3. I wonder what is the worst in this story, the frogs or the wife!?

Source: MrsMZ2u

#4. That's very clever!

Source: noodlez56

#5. Sincerity

Source: Knitlucy

#6. Moving away slowly...

Source: BronwynRoberts

#7. LoL

Source: MariangelicaA

#8. Wasn't an accident!

Source: kingedhill

#9. It probably worth the money to know that's the kind of person he is

Source: kittykaresless

#10. That's a sweet mommy

Source: janaymcwilborn

#11. Condolences

Source: ringbyspringlu

#12. Very classy!

Source: MyArmyLife

#13. Him: "You're such a good kisser" - Her: "So are you, maybe we're related!"

Source: writtenbyken

#14. You survived

Source: alisonewynn

#15. So creepy

Source: Vegan_chick_MI

#16. Could be worst...imagine if he bought you a shaving machine

Source: KristensenEmily

#17. At least he washed his hands

Source: mc_arthur123

#18. That's mean!!!

Source: juls612

#19. Never thought of that

Source: sarakgilmore

#20. Nailed it

Source: micromush

#21. Lol

Source: elyseanoush

#22. Ooops

Source: LindaChilders1

#23. Was he recycled?

Source: KatieLauren18

#24. Poor guy

Source: hashtag

#25. Bad but ended well

Source: Raggedy_andie_p

#26. So, you're the worst date for him!

Source: haleyminterr

#27. Poor lady

Source: futilitypatent

#28. Very straight to the point

Source: PaperWash

#29. Seem bad

Source: mc_arthur123

#30. Nice

Source: iamcandydax

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