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15 Times Zodiac Signs Make People Laugh At Their Reactions To “I Love You”

Have you received a confession or flirt “I love you” before? How do you react to that saying? If you are curious about how you respond when someone says “I love you” to you, let us tell you through this post. Let’s get it on!

Twelve zodiac signs with twelve different personalities, so each sign has its own reaction to “I love you”. If you are an emotional Cancer, you tend to catch the feelings right away and feel so happy and melting as well. To an arrogant and cautious sign like Capricorn, they will have a super cool answer to “I LOVE YOU” that “Keep loving me. I deserve it. I love me too.” That’s so funny, right?

What about you? How will you react when someone suddenly tells you that they love you? Take a look at these 15 interesting memes to find your answer. Check them out!

#1 Can’t relate to “me”. OK

Source: saggittarius_bitches

#2 Haha…That’s nice!

Source: saggittarius_bitches

#3 Excuse me, what???

Source: onlyforaquarius

#4 “I’m” dead. Sooo sorry

Source: piscesthingz

#5 LOL! Why are “we” like this?

Source: scorpiomindsx

#6 That was funny!

Source: scorpiomindsx

#7 Uh huh? An interesting lie, man

Source: taurusimply

#8 Food is more realistic!

Source: gemini.sensitivity

#9 Nice and cool 😎

Source: gemini.sensitivity

#10 “We” are really good at digging up people’s intentions

Source: gemini.tale

#11 Lmao! They deserve it

Source: capricorn_secrets

#12 What a confident girl!

Source: all.virgo.facts

#13 Thanks!

Source: libra.sensitivity

#14 Haha…They have great insight!

Source: gemini.tale

#15 Ouch…They catch the feelings right away

Source: cancerperfect

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