Superheroes Deserve Love - 10 Most Beautiful Love Stories In MCU

Marvel movies have focused on formidable superheroes and their journey of saving people. Romance might not be their priority, but the love between characters still had its own spotlight.
Almost all heroes have been in a relationship, and some of those love stories have become iconic and legendary in the entire MCU. The partners are not just there to spice up the stories, but to give support and accompaniment to the heroes as well. Some couples have married and lived happily ever after, while some have unfortunately ended in a tragic and miserable way.
Although the movies are not heavily romance-based, the MCU has had a fair share of love stories that can melt our hearts for how beautiful and heart-warming they are. Scroll down for some amazing MCU couples!

#1 Doctor Strange and Christine Palmer

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Disney+ series What If...? truly showed the beautiful but tragic love story between Stephen Strange and Christine Palmer, where Christine died and Stephen was so devastated to bring her back that a dark version of himself emerged. As his desire wasn't fulfilled, the fans are excited for an update on this relationship in the latest movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

#2 Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter

The love story of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter started even before Steve became Captain America. Unfortunately, the two were separated when Steve was trapped in the ice, and Peggy got married to another man. Steve had a chance to start a new life with Peggy when he traveled back in time. Despite all the ups and downs, Steve and Peggy are definitely destined for each other.

#3 Loki and Sylvie

The relationship between Loki and Sylvie is probably one of the most unexpected romances in the entire MCU since Sylvie is Loki's female version. They were once opponents, but later teamed up and fell in love with each other on the journey of solving the mystery of the TVA.

#4 Phastos and Ben Stoss

Eternals may not be the most popular MCU release, but the beautiful relationships in the movie indeed left a great impression on the audience. The LGBTQ+ community was wonderfully represented through the bond between Phastos and his human husband Ben Stoss. They lived in a happy family of four and reunited after the Emergence.

#5 Clint and Laura Barton

Laura Barton first appeared as Hawkeye's wife in Age of Ultron and then Avengers: Endgame, but their relationship was only fully developed in the Disney+ series Hawkeye. Once a SHIELD agent, Laura fell in love with him and the two soon became husband and wife. Their love is such a relationship goal when their bond is built on support, trust and understanding.

#6 Thor and Jane Foster

When Thor was banished to Earth due to his arrogant behavior, Jane Foster was the one that gave him the support and accompaniment that he needed. Feelings began to form between them since then. They are separated for a while and reunited in Thor: The Dark World but unfortunately, they parted ways in Thor: Ragnarok.

#7 Bruce Banner and Betty Ross

Hulk, the big and intimidating-looking guy, deserves a beautiful love story just like any other superhero out there. Betty Ross is the perfect girl for him, the girl who ignores her father's inhibition and went on to form a romantic relationship with Bruce. She was never scared of Bruce in Hulk form, and Bruce could go to great lengths to protect Betty.

#8 Peter Quill and Gamora

Peter Quill and Gamora are such an unexpected couple of MCU since his sarcasm doesn't seem to match her patience. As time passed, Gamora fell for Peter's affectionate heart and the two became a lovely couple. Their love was such that Gamora's death in Avengers: Infinity War had Peter go crazy and make a dangerous mistake.

#9 Wanda and Vision

Vision, an android that was brought to life to take down Ultron, won the heart of Wanda, a grief-stricken female superhero. Their relationship didn't start so well as Wanda attacked him during Captain America: Civil War, but their bond later began to go in the right direction, only to be separated by Vision's death.

#10 Tony Stark and Pepper Potts

The love story between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts may be the most iconic romance in the entire MCU for how admirable their relationship is. They went through countless ups and downs; there were moments when they were about to permanently break up. At the end of the day, they were still together and were there for each other. This beautiful love story ended on such a tragic event where Tony sacrificed himself to stop Thanos, leaving Pepper with their lovely daughter.
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