25 Times People Tried To Do Magic With Panorama Feature And Ended Up With Hilarious Animal Pics

It has been said that magic does not exist. But technology has proved that statement to be wrong. Take smartphones - products of technology and science for example. Using smartphones, we can feel like witches or wizards who can use magic spells like Harry Potter to light up a room. Specifically, we can talk or see the face of someone who is far away from us and can control objects in our house through the phones as well.
Therefore, magic does indeed exist. And everyone can perform magic. Just with a smartphone having the panorama functionality, we can not only take some absolutely majestic photos but also do magic in a hilarious way. We can transform a four-legged dog into a one-legged dog. Or we can turn a giraffe's head into a snake's head. We don't need any talent or skill; sometimes all it takes is a stroke of luck. Scroll down to check out some magic many people do. Hope you have a bright day.

#1. I regret trying to take a cute panorama of my dog

Source: cvbiclesdemo

#2. Pano of my new backyard when my dog decided to run through it


#3. Don't worry your dog could have been like mine

Source: natmiller

#4. Don't beam me up, Scotty

Source: panoramafail.tumblr.com

#5. Mum can’t stop laughing... Dad must have pulled a funny face or something

Source: budds.life

#6. Panorama Doggo went wrong


#7. Now that's a loong loooooong neckk!


#8. They have adapted to be able to reach EVERYTHING

Source: hanamomoact

#9. Superb monster

Source: rompotodo

#10. Allidoggo!

Source: emeliegidlund

#11. When you try to take a beautiful panorama photo and SOMEONE decides to move

Source: loke_nala_penny_totte

#12. Pano fail is a good fail. Kangaroo dog in full flight

Source: garthr

#13. Oh no, kitty used its ninth life!

Source: morodgerss

#14. It's a dufflepud!

Source: old.reddit.com

#15. When panorama goes wrong

Source: odessa.creative.co

#16. When the panorama option makes your dogs look like sonic the hedgehog

Source: my_life_on_this_planet

#17. Poor baby elephant

Source: panoramafail.tumblr.com

#18. When you are trying to take pictures of your house and your six-legged cat shows up

Source: nathaniel.25

#19. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Source: auriken

#20. Ermegerd, ma derg

Source: imgur.com

#21. Four-seater

Source: emmavreyes

#22. Too many tails

Source: panoramafail.tumblr.com

#23. It's just prehensile

Source: _averyrodgers

#24. Didn’t realize until now that he has double ears

Source: peyton_the_samoyed

#25. You've got a lit of mouths to feed

Source: seajayvee

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