Huge Mistakes In The MCU That Costs Marvel Studios Millions Dollars To Fix

It is undeniable that the MCU brings us so much good stuff in recent years. They created a whole new pop culture generation that inspires millions of fans around the world. However, among the masterpieces, there are some huge flops as well. It could be just some small details, the script of a character or even an entire movie.
nullThese MCU mistakes are the very zenith of irredeemable. There is just no way Marvel Studios can totally erase it out of the fans’ minds. But they have been trying to rectify these MCU mistakes and fixing mistakes is always expensive. So far, they have spent millions in movie budget to get things fixed. Some of them turned out to be pretty great.

#1 Thor: The Dark World Was So Dull That MCU Had To Make Loki To Help Redeem It

Thor: The Dark World is possibly the poorest installment in the Thor series. And, after Age of Ultron, it may be the lowest MCU film overall (more on that in a bit). The Dark World's lackluster aesthetics and slow plot pacing irritate viewers even more. The way they slaughtered our dear boy Malekith is simply terrible. We got to watch the Loki series prevail precisely because of the blunder that is Thor: The Dark World. The Loki tv show on Disney+ is highly influenced by his backstories revealed in The Dark World, such as Loki's love for his mother and how Loki secretly perceives himself as connectedness to no one or nowhere. To make The Dark World appear relevant to the MCU's future stages, they had to create a multi-episode MCU series. That is just painful.

#2 Iron Man 3’s Mandarin Mistake Was Revised Years Later In Shang-Chi

Iron Man 3 was not an awful film. However, it had some very messed up moments that should go unmentioned. In the film, Ben Kingsley performed the eerily compelling part of Mandarin. His character proved to be a flop. Trevor Slattery, a stage actor employed by A.I.M to play the Mandarin, was the true name of Kingsley's character. Viewers have yet to forgive the MCU's misstep. Tony Leung Chiu-wai portrayed the actual Mandarin – Xu Wenwu – in Shang-Chi. Even Kingsley's Trevor Slattery made a deserving but amusing presence. The MCU did correct that error, but followers still hold them responsible forever attempting to go that way.

#3 Avengers: Age Of Ultron Desecrated Ultron But What If‘s Infinity Ultron Gave The Villain Some Form Of Redemption

After Doctor Doom, Ultron is undoubtedly the most badass supervillain in Marvel Comics history. In Joss Whedon's Age of Ultron, he was transformed into a robotic fighter who had no understanding of what he was executing. Remember, this rogue AI is a natural force so formidable that he wiped out all of the Avengers from the face of the Earth in the comic book storyline of the same title. What If's Infinity Ultron comes extremely close to recreating the horror and despair that the genuine comic book accuracy Ultron induces in his opponents' minds. It needed a new MCU show to rectify Ultron, as it did with The Dark World. MCU errors may be a clever and costly bunch, there's little doubt about it.

#4 Age Of Ultron’s Pointless Quicksilver Death Was Somewhat Redeemed In WandaVision

Pietro Maximoff is one of the Marvel Universe's quickest heroes. However, he is still not quick enough to avoid a few bullets. Aaron Taylor-Quicksilver Johnson's was turned into a joke in Age of Ultron. Many MCU fans still keep making fun of the guy. WandaVision attempted to rehabilitate the character after doing it wrong and then dismissing it completely. Evan Peters reprised his role as Quicksilver in the MCU after previously playing the fan-favorite character in the X-Men films. So we all know how WandaVision deceived us all with Evan Peters' Quicksilver, the MCU shows that they hadn't forgotten about the guy and realized they were at fault for attempting to do what they committed to him in Age of Ultron.
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