9 Times Wolverine Was A Totally Brutal Badass

Logan, who is mainly gone by the name Wolverine gets his name from his claws protruding out of his fists. He can retract and contract his metallic claws when he wants to mow down whoever stands in his way. Due to this nature, he is very deadly and can inflict a lot of unnecessary pain on people. To be fair, most of the time he did not mean to do all those deeds.
However, Wolverine isn’t completely innocent as he also stabbed his friends. Throughout his existence in the X-men saga, Logan has many times proved himself to be a brutal killing machine as well as the badass scenes where boys would definitely wish to be a superhero like him. Here are nine times when Wolverine was a brutal badass.

#1 When he was in captivity and undergoing procedures that affected his memory and made him act like an animal, Jean let him free. This was a big mistake as he killed everyone who got close to him and went on a rampage.

#2 When Logan went into the past, he met a young William Stryker. It triggered some of his traumatic experiences of his life, the painful procedure which made him who he is right now. He stabs Kitty this time, but she doesn’t release the connection even though she is wounded.

#3 Logan never stopped trying even after rejecting him early on and making it clear that she had no interest in him. He still flirted and even tried to kiss her once. He didn’t respect Jean’s decisions or her relationship with Scott.

#4 When Logan and the X-Men were up against Magneto, Mystique transformed herself into Storm and tried to get close to Logan to kill him. He immediately recognized her smell and knew who she was, stabbing her. It was enough to scar her for life.

#5 One night, Logan was having a nightmare and seeing him worried and uneasy in his sleep, Rogue tried to wake him up. Unfortunately, he couldn’t control himself and stabbed her in her chest. She borrowed his healing factor to save herself but this incident haunted Logan.

#6 Both Victor and Logan fought beside each other in many wars and bonded like brothers. However, when Victor started getting carried away with unwanted killings of innocents, Logan told him to stop. Even after almost killing a helpless woman, Logan stood beside him. Although he should’ve blocked him, standing by him just showed that he encouraged his behavior.

#7 When Wolverine went to the past, he woke up next to a lady who was a mobster’s daughter. The same mobster who hired Logan. At that time, he didn’t even remember who she was, and because of his powers, he got out of that situation quickly, causing more damage.

#8 The first time Wolverine met Charles and Erik was in a lonely bar while they were searching for mutants to join them in their fight. However, Logan refused the offer rather rudely and sent them away.

#9 In the mid-1800s, Logan was just a kid when he discovered that the person who raised him was dead. So, in the act of rage, he kills the person responsible for his death. Unfortunately, the person who he kills was his birth father, Thomas Logan.

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