Fan Theory: Does Harry Potter Feel Like A Star Wars Rip-off?

Star Wars and Harry Potter are among the most renowned franchises that have influenced different media throughout generations. One series is about a hero's adventure across space and time, while the other is about the wonder of magic and how it connects to the present world. While the 2 franchises appear to have little in similarity on the surface, others feel they are not so different, with one theorist claiming that Harry Potter is nothing more than a Star Wars rip-off.
nullFrom a small clip, discussed in a TikTok by vtval, comes to light an age-old belief that Harry's and Luke's stories have a clear correlation. However, several distinctions must be noted before digging into the comparisons. The most obvious distinction is the setting, with one taking place on Earth and the other in distant space. Having said that, other ideas, such as war, stand between the two. The original Star Wars trilogy, for example, takes set in the middle of a Galactic Civil War. Harry Potter, on the other hand, tracks the building prospect of war for over a decade. How could one rip off another with such basic contrasts in setting and main story?
nullThe TikTok begins its observations by stating that Harry and Luke are both young orphans who are destined to be the chosen ones. In that aspect, the similarity is ironic and difficult to reject; the only difference is that the prophecy used to introduce Luke came later. Meanwhile, Harry's fate was determined early on. The clip also explains how both are handed to their aunt and uncle by an older, bearded guy, with Obi-Wan Kenobi delivering Luke and Hagrid delivering Harry.
nullIt's also related to how both characters' aunts and uncles withheld their actual stories from the protagonists until the same elderly men who dumped them off came to fetch them up again. The primary difference is that Luke was content with his family, whilst Harry was not. However, the similarities become even more intriguing as the comparisons between Luke and Harry's path to a new normal take the main stage.
nullThe video demonstrates the heroes being guided to wiser teachers (Yoda and Dumbledore) to learn more about each other's capabilities. As a result, the Millenium Falcon and the Hogwarts Express are likened as possible vessels for transporting the hero to a new world. Hermione Granger and Harry are likened to Luke and Leia in the video owing to her attitude and the uncomfortable tension between the two. Furthermore, comparing Ron Weasley to Han Solo reveals that their romance with Hermione is structured similarly to Han and Leia's, with their rough approach, sparring banter, and eventual love.
nullIt's difficult to deny the resemblance between the two franchises, but does this imply Harry Potter is really just another Star Wars rip-off? Even though wands and lightsabers are difficult to compare, both stories depict the hero's journey. This story motif has been around for ages and is the basis for many wonderful adventures. As a result, calling Harry Potter a rip-off doesn't feel fair. Instead, both franchises symbolize the continuance of a classical narrative style, demonstrating that the structure is still alive and well. While some inspiration came from a galaxy far, far away, Harry Potter is far from a rip-off.
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