The New Black Widow Is Proven To Be "Like Father, Like Daughter" In Hawkeye

As Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) made her appearance in Disney+'s Hawkeye, things were not going well for Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), hinting at a grim future for the new Black Widow. She was determined to assassinate him in order to properly make her mark on Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unexpectedly, despite her unusually upbeat personality, one critical conversation proved she brought over one filthy Red Guardian feature.
nullThis is poor dining etiquette, which combines sloppy dining, lousy timing, and awkward, inappropriate talks – something she certainly learned from her "father," Alexei Shostakov, in Black Widow. After rescuing Alexei from a Soviet prison, Natasha and Yelena brought him back to their "mother" Melina's house for a reunion.
nullThis led to an unpleasant family meal, with Red Guardian eating in an untidy manner, disrupting Nat as she tried to devise a plot against the Red Room, and freaking his kids out by chatting dirty to Melina at the meal, even though he has not been with a lady in years. This was one of the funniest sequences in the film, demonstrating how much of an inconsiderate, selfish slob he might be.
nullAlthough Yelena slimmed down in Hawkeye, she was still unpleasant, exhibiting the same sloppiness as Red Guardian when she first encountered Kate Bishop. When Kate entered her flat, she discovered Yelena, who had chosen to cook box mac and cheese when Kate got in. As terrified Kate sat down, and an unpleasant dialogue began, with Yelena gobbling down the dish, liberally dousing it in spicy sauce, and kinda freaked Kate out.
nullYelena stated as they chatted that she didn't want to harm the young archer; she only wanted to experience the sights of New York, including the new and enhanced Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, and the New York Christmas tree. However, when she chomped her food as a child sounded like Alexei all over again, irritating Kate out since she didn't perceive this as a tasty meal or her house as a suitable location for important meetings. Although Yelena didn't bring up sex, she did surprise Kate and make her stomach churn by discussing consuming reindeer, which was not the ideal thing to speak about during the holiday season.
nullFinally, Yelena addressed the issue of family in Hawkeye, much like Alexei did in Black Widow when he said he was delighted to see his daughters again. But in the new Widow's case, it's about vengeance rather than reuniting, with her swearing Kate she'd murder Clint since she blamed him for Nat's demise. Yelena, like her father, understood how to turn up the heat over a dinner, carrying his nasty habit back to The states but with a lot more fury built-in.
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