14 Times MCU Superheroes Cause More Chaos Rather Than Solve Problems

MCU superheroes are often described as courageous, extraordinary characters, who are always ready to sacrifice their private life to save the world from villains. With their super talents and intelligence, they satisfy their fans with eye-pleasing battles. And as a positive message that filmmakers want to deliver to everyone, heroes will always be the winners.
However, it doesn't always mean they are stronger or smarter than their opponents. Sometimes our superheroes make impulsive decisions or solve problems in a very chaotic way that disappoint their fans and even bring them more troubles. Watching "Civil war" can make us understand it the most clearly when we have to see our favorite superheroes fighting each other. But there are still more such moments. Here we have prepared for you several unintelligible solutions from household names: Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Thor, ... Let's check it out and leave your comment if you want to add more!

#1 When Doctor Strange experimented with the time stone on the fly to trap Dormammu in a time loop

#2 When Scarlet Witch decides to increase Vision’s mass so that he wrecks multiple floors of the Avengers compound

#3 When MCU superspy – Nick Fury approaches Captain America’s flat to fake his own death

#4 When Iron Man tried to swipe the Tesseract by giving himself a cardiac event

#5 When Rocket Raccoon lays traps throughout the forest for the Ravagers

#6 In Iron Man 3, Tony Stark infiltrates Mandarin’s compound with improvised weapons from a hardware store

#7 Thor ended Asgard so Hela couldn't rule it

#8 The way The Wasp tosses a human-sized Hello Kitty Dispenser to knock off the motorcycle that was chasing her

#9 Thor threw Mjolnir to dramatically get Loki to reveal himself

#10 When Ant-Man shrinks into the Quantum Realm in his last fight against Yellowjacket

#11 Hulk banged Loki around like a cartoon rag doll

#12 Spider-Man’s a simple yet highly risky plan, copied from an old movie, to save Dr. Strange.

#13 While Rocket Raccoon destroys Cosmi-Red, Peter challenges Ronan to a dance-off to distract him

#14 Hawkeye climbed up a crane in the middle of a storm to neutralize Thor

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