14 Shockingly Dark Moments In MCU That Absolutely Make Us Obsessed

Marvel Cinematic Universe has won many people's hearts for its superhero Movies.and TV shows. More importantly, Marvel movies usually bring their audience positive messages about fighting for a better world and protecting our place from villains with pleasing and happy endings. But it doesn't mean that there are no dark moments in MCU.
The grim and brutal moments often create highlights for the film that serves as a lever for the following happy ending. Moreover, sometimes those unexpectedly dark moments will stay with viewers the most and make them remember more about the movies. Here are 14 shockingly dark moments in MCU that absolutely make us obsessed. Let's check them out!

#1 "Infinity War": Thanos ends Loki's life

For many people watching "Infinity War", the death of Loki was too immediate that they felt displeased about. Even though the God of Prank brought many troubles but he also made many people sympathize with his life. That's why watching Thanos squeezing the life of Loki still hard to accept.

#2 "Spider-Man: Homecoming": Vulture changes into the first shocher to ash

The Vulture used to be a construction worker before turning a villain in MCU. Toomes was just getting furious when Stark was given a lucrative government contract to clean up his own mess. All troubles seemed to come to him at the same time and pushed him to die. That's why he began to use salvaged technology from the Chitauri forces to create devastatingly powerful devices they could sell to the unsavory underworld.

#3 Spider-Man begging for his life in 'Infinity War'

One of the darkest moments in MCU that still make us obsessed til the end of the movie is when Peter asked for living. "Mr. Stark I don't feel so good" is the line that hurts many people watching the movie.

#4 "Captain America: Civil War": The Winter Soldier killed Tony Stark's parents coldly

It could be said that Bucky Barners is a character who still makes many conflicts among the audience. It is shown the most clearly in "The Avengers: Civil War". He is the main reason that causes the battle between 2 most beloved superheroes, Captain America and Iron-Man.
Iron-Man had to witness the brainwashed assassin Bucky Barnes hit his parents' car, dragging his father across the ground and then snuffing out his mother with his own hand.

#5 "Avengers: Age of Ultron": Scarlet Witch using her power to show Iron Man the end of the Avengers

Not all the time, our superheroes are champions. In each battle, they will get different troubles that push them to make hard decisions. And the hardest thing is watching the failure of themselves but they still had to choose that way, they had to try it because it was the only way they could do.

#6 "Avengers: Age of Ultron": The Maximoff twins sharing their disturbing backstory

#7 "Captain America: Civil War": Helmut Zemo leaving a Hydra agent to drown

#8 "Doctor Strange": Baron Mordo taking away the magic that allowed a man to walk

#9 "Infinity War": Wanda Maximoff personally ending the love of her life

#10 "Guardians of the Galaxy": Peter Quill had to watch his mom succumb to cancer

#11 "Infinity War": Nebula was pulled apart

#12 Wanda shows the Avengers their greatest fears

#13 "Civil War": Tony and Steve went into a battle with each other

#14 Watching Thor kill the mad Titan but it was too late

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