18 Moments Prove Sam Wilson And Bucky Barnes Are Absolute Best Bro In Marvel Movies

If you're like us, you've undoubtedly been enjoying Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes crush it in the newest Disney+ show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The show was the big hit and it makes us love these best buddies even more. They are like the variants of Steve Roger, Sam is a little bit goofier with more hilarious jokes, while Bucky is the master of staring contests with a serious attitude towards everyone.
So, we decided to take a trip down the rabbit hole and highlight the best quality of Sam and Bucky — both together and apart — in the MCU prior to the incredible series. So, we can see how the chemistry has been developed over 3 phases of MCU. Thus, you can understand why Steve thinks Sam is the best fit to carry not only his shield but also his ideology and spirits. Below are 18 of their most amazing scenes:

#1 Bucky "politely" introduced himself to Sam by...ripping the steering wheel out of the car Sam was driving

#2 Bucky said goodbye to Steve before going off to war…

#3 ...And when they did the same thing in reverse when Steve left to return the Infinity Stones in Endgame

#4 Sam met Steve for the first time...and then again when Steve lapped him

#5 Bucky reminded Steve who the man behind the mask was

#6 Bucky saw post-serum Steve for the first time in The First Avenger and was all of us

#7 Sam was understandably still on the fence about being chill with the super-soldier who tried to end him just scenes before

#8 Sam was very much over long, drawn-out villain monologues

#9 Steve and Bucky had their big ~face off~ in The Winter Soldier

#10 And, of course, the scene it called back to that has and will forever make us cry

#11 Sam tried to introduce Natasha to his mechanical child, Redwing

#12 Sam asked T'Challa the question that was on all our minds

#13 Sam and Bucky gave us this *chef's kiss* interaction that made us want 1,000 more scenes of them together

#14 Sam and Bucky were excited to be supportive wingmen for their BFF

#15 Bucky met Spider-Man for the first time and was understandably Very Confused

#16 Sam continued enforcing his "no dumb monologues during fights" rule

#17 Sam came to the rescue AND gave Steve a taste of his own medicine in Endgame

#18 Finally, when Steve passed the Captain America shield over to Sam

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