How Did Clint Barton Completely Change After The Event In Hawkeye?

Hawkeye is one of the most recent contents in the MCU. In all fairness, Hawkeye was often overlooked by both fans and his teammate. It’s not just because he doesn’t have godlike power or gorgeous goddess appearance, but the lack of character development. We don’t see much of the internal conflict within himself. But it’s all changed with the show and how it drastically changed Clint Barton's life as a superhero and a father figure in the MCU.
Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) was challenged to confront several dangers with Kate Bishop in the Season 1 finale of Hawkeye (Hailee Steinfeld). They had to contend with the villainous Kingpin, the dubious Tracksuit Mafia thugs, and Yelena Belova, all of whom were marching on the Rockefeller Center. Clint, fortunately, triumphed, finding a new purpose as his life was significantly changed as a hero and a father. Spoiler Alerts: The following contains spoilers for the season finale of Hawkeye so check out the show first and return to us

#1 Clint Barton Finally Accepted Kate As A Partner

Kate was freaked out at the beginning of the encounter as Yelena sent her a video revealing her mother, Eleanor, was actually a criminal, collaborating with Wilson Fisk and such. Clint, on the other hand, calmed her down and made it clear that he would not forsake her. He comforted her that her problem is now his issue since she trusted in him and committed to assist him, risking life and limb.
It's a beautiful moment, harkening back to Clint and Natasha's days as members of SHIELD and the Avengers. Clint then made multiple arrows for them to use, no longer concerned about Kate on the battlefield, which sealed their acceptance and approval. He'd seen what she was capable of and knew she'd developed from the adolescent he'd initially met. It altered his lone wolf mentality, as he realized he needed to move on from Black Widow's event of the death.

#2 Clint Barton Became The Ultimate Team Player And Leader

Clint put up a sting for the Big Apple party, utilizing the LARPers as security (Grills, Wendy, Missy, and Orville). In a decision which would have shocked Nat and even Nick Fury, he wore a suit a la James Bond, co-ordinating via earbuds like a genuine spy. After all, in the Avengers, he was viewed as a backup and, sadly, an afterthought, so this was his opportunity to shine.
It's something he learned from Tony Stark and Captain America during their time around each other, ultimately appreciating the need for backup when he wore his new outfit. It resulted in a big battle, but Hawkeye spurred the LARPers to dress up in distinctive outfits as well, assisting in taking down the Mafia and saving innocent citizens. Clint's plan even persuaded Jack/Swordsman to assist Kate once he learned Eleanor wasn't a fiancee, but a criminal.

#3 Clint Barton Also Got A New Daughter

When the dust settled and the criminals were beaten, Kate handed over Eleanor to the authorities, shattering her attachment to the notion of family. She had lost her father in the Chitauri battle in NYC, so this was a huge blow, but Clint determined that instead of hiding, he could heal her. He brought her home for Christmas, presenting her to Laura and the children as if he was adopting her.
It also demonstrated that he has been recovered because he has no trouble growing his family, indicating that he has accepted himself for his mistakes. Nat's tragedy and his murderous Ronin history tormented him, but now he accepts responsibility for both of those things, as well as bringing Kate into his entanglements. Interestingly, as he finished the episode by teaching his new daughter/protege, Clint overlooked the fact that this profession may harm her in the future as he confidently entrusted Kate to be his successor.
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