10 Types of People Who Will Ruin Your Business

If you want to build a big and strong company, the first thing you should consider is who you should work with. Because working with the following 10 types of people will easily lead to your business being destroyed.
  1. The Sirens

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According to Greek mythology, Siren are creatures with a half-human, half-bird body and a wonderful voice. Once, the goddess Hera held a singing contest between the Sirens and the 9 Muses - goddesses of music who were the children of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Unfortunately, the Sirens lost and their feathers were stripped by the Muses to make clothes as a trophy. With no feathers left, the Sirens could no longer fly and the lower part gradually turned into a fish's tail. According to legend, their tails could glow to make them more attractive to men. The "mission" of the Sirens is to sing enchanting songs to deceive the seafarers, leading them to their deaths. Their songs have a fanciful melody and make the sailors disoriented to ram the ship straight to the island, getting wrecked by the rocks around.
In daily life, the Sirens - symbols of temptation will visit and completely distract you from work. Moreover, they always know how to steal your focus and throw all efforts astray.
All your future destinations may fade or even disappear before the Sirens. In fact, we can see many takeovers of companies, where some people may sell their companies for way less than they are worth or even give up their careers to pursue get-rich-quick scheme than the Sirens gave them. Don't let that happen to you, instead, learn to stay away from the temptations and focus on growing your business.
  1. The goat

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For business starters, these are the "big talkers" - the people who have everything. These people are usually very talented.
But the problem here is how they use their power and wisdom. These people can easily convince others to make bad decisions for their own ambitions. If you find yourself always making the wrong decisions when you're with that special someone, it's time to reconsider abandoning this relationship.
  1. The elephants

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Elephants are animals that "never forget". They are the ones who always "dig up" your mistakes, never letting you live with the present and the future. These people are always trying to make you feel sorry for your past mistakes and make you unable to get rid of the person you used to be.
Don't let any "elephant" pull you back into the past. Failure spares no one, especially entrepreneurs. You can fail, then fail again, but each failure is a valuable lesson. Learn from it. Keep your enthusiasm and dream on track. Keep moving forward, even though the path is full of "elephants".
  1. The haters

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Perhaps these types of people appear to always make our lives complicated but also diversified. They are the people who always want to climb to the highest position but refuse to work with their own labor. Instead, they try to push those around them down and as such they think they are "higher".
They are, simply, losers. Don't let these people into your business. Life has a lot of people gloating when you fall, just don't mind them and instead see it as a motivation to build your career better.
  1. The narcissists

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This is the type of person who is always satisfied with themselves. They are especially bad at teamworking towards common group goals.
When you keep these people around, they can paint you a picture of your company's future that is more glorious than what your company actually has and will have, which is worse when you will start to believe in it.
When starting a business, what you need is reality and transparency. Don't try to imagine brighter prospects than they are. Instead, be realistic and keep the narcissists out of your career while also focus on building your reputation, not your image.
  1. The nemesis

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In your career, sometimes you have to work with people that you and your partner don't like. If you are not careful, this can greatly affect your work.
A very effective solution is to try to think about why you don't like them, chances are that what you don't like about that person is also what you really hate or love about yourself. Either way, there are always conflicts within your own self, and the only way to overcome it is to reflect at yourself instead of the people you hate.
Somehow, the people you don't like may be the ones giving you the best advice. If you work with them, learn from them. Once you do this, your relationship with them will naturally become much better. Making friends from foes is the smartest way to help you minimize the problems in your own life.
  1. The Ares

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Ares is the Greek god of war, who created countless wars both on earth and in the divine realms just because Zeus and Hera did not take him seriously.
Today Ares refers to people who always prefer contradictions and struggles. They are "addicted" to creating controversial situations and winning at all costs, even if there is nothing to be won. It's a waste of time trying to explain to an Ares. Better to ignore them and never let them get involved in your work.
  1. The Dionysus

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Dionysus is the Greek god of wine, parties and pleasure.
“Dionysus” people are those always looking for joy, who are very optimistic but have little patience to do anything. These people always want gratifying results to come immediately.
Be careful when you let these people work in your company, as being laid-back in any way will waste a significant amount of your time. Admittedly, Dionysus friends will make our lives more meaningful and relaxing, but never sacrifice your career to playing all night.
  1. The black cats

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In life, some people can come and help you develop your career faster, but there are also people who come and "kill" it faster than you think. The “black cats” are the latter. These people are often like dark clouds that cover anywhere they are present.
Some people always feel unlucky, having negative thoughts and getting depressed. Don't feel bad for them. Perhaps they are sitting at the bottom of the pits because they have allowed themselves to do so. No problem, just let them sit and make sure they’re sitting outside your business.
  1. The fat cats

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These are people with a lot of money who come and throw you a lot of money and offer to take your company to the next level. Even if they appear as "angels" - venture capitalists from the "top" large companies and corporations, don't let their glory or money blind you, they are in fact just want to control your company to make money off you.
Be very careful with these “fat cats”. Otherwise, your brand and reputation that you worked hard to build could easily be destroyed by the involvement of the people you now call your "investors".
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