Top Interesting Revelations About Batman And Wonder Woman’s Relationship

We all love superheroes and we take it for granted because they are talented and they always have a sense of justice. In addition, we are satisfied with their eye-pleasing fightings in the movies. However, they don't always get applause from their fans when getting involved in a romantic relationship. Sometimes, their love stories receive many mixed opinions. So does Wonder Woman and Batman's one.
Wonder Woman and Batman are the most prominent superheroes in DC Universe. They are known as great co-workers in the battles, besides, it's said that they are in a romantic relationship that draws much attention from fans. Many DC fans love to see sweet moments of this couple, while some argue over the balance in their relationship. For example, it's still a question that whether they have been in love triangles among Wonder Woman, Batman and Catwoman or Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman.
So we are here to reveal some epic facts about that relationship with the hope to please your curiosity. Let's scroll down and discover whether you know it or not!

#1 Batman almost chose Wonderman over Catman


Watching the movies, we all have a curiosity for the romantic relationships between Batman and Wonder Woman. In fact, there should be a wedding between Catwoman and Batman, but this month, Batman and Wonderwoman teamed up to fulfill a long-held promise. It seems that the team-up would put the end for Batman's marriage.

#2 They have been in a love triangle where Batman and Superman are competitors

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It has been seen numerous times in the newer comic plotlines that have Wonder Woman and Superman as an item.


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#4 Wonder Woman used to accept to give up her superpower to be in the relationship with Batman forever


#5 They both agreed that it was better to be friends with each other.


Every relationship has to meet conflicts, so do Batman and Wonder Woman. They both had quite some disagreements and stressful moments which leads to the decision that it would be better for them to be friends.

#6 Wonderwoman used to defeat Batman

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When conflicts of a couple come, we can't predict what will happen. Wonder Woman once defeated Batman in a moment of not sharing the same opinion. She bashed him to the ground with her foot. This occurred because our female hero was sworn to protect a person who was apparently a cold criminal.

#7 You might not notice that Wonder Woman is 4000 years older than Batman

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Wonder Woman’s origin was untouched place by humankind for thousands of years. She entered the present world in the 1940s. However, in Zach Snyder’s Batman v. Superman, the narration echoed that Wonder Woman is 5000 years old, which apparently makes her really older than Batman.

#8 Wonder Woman used to use a dream machine to see what the relationship with Batman would be like

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In spite of being a superhero, Wonderwoman shares the same character with other women. She was also curious about her relationship and her feelings for Batman.
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