Keanu Reeves Met Kevin Feige Again For A Role In The MCU

In 2019, President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige said he had met The Matrix star Keanu Reeves but, since then, no known movement has emerged from their conversations, and no hint related to the details they discussed has been revealed either.
"We talk to him for almost every movie we make. Let’s talk about Keanu Reeves. I don’t know when or if he’ll ever join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I’d really like to find the right way to bring him into the franchise," Kevin Feige said back then.

Source: Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Fans, however, quickly started listing the characters they would have preferred to see portrayed by the Hollywood action star in the immense Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, years later, in an interview with ComicBook before the release of his latest work - The Matrix Resurrections, Reeves himself has shared that people will have to wait no more.
The actor has confirmed the talks with Kevin Feige, specifying that the agreements are still in place. Speaking of the search for a Marvel character that would suit him the most, Reeves said: "We haven’t done anything yet. We met and Kevin Feige is such a nice guy. But at the moment we have nothing in hand, we have to find an agreement."

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

During the meeting, the actor sat next to his co-star Carrie-Anne Moss in The Matrix, who also appeared in the series centered on Jessica Jones, Daredavil, Iron Fist and Defenders. Therefore, we have reason to believe that Keanu Reeves will also join Marvel in the near future.
Keanu Reeves has made an incredible comeback in the Hollywood spotlight, making the John Wick franchise a household name, revisiting Bill & Ted, and is now ready to return to The Matrix Resurrections. For now, Reeves’s main focus is his portrayal of Neo in the new The Matrix movie.
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