10 Most Popular Movies That Are Actually...Boring

The cinematic Entertainment industry is vast and contains countless works over the centuries. Many of them were highly regarded by viewers and critics to the point which they become iconic and the golden standard of filmmaking. Some films become well-known due to their actors or producer. Or perhaps critics simply adored the picture for some strange reason. Nevertheless, these "iconic" films aren't necessarily as popular with the public as the praises that accompany them; for some, they're simply... bland.
According to the audiences from both movie lovers and casual fans, some of these iconic movies are actually boring and we kinda agree with most of them. It’s due to many reasons such as the movie is shot beautifully but the dialogues felt too mechanical and rehearsed, or the movies were just always kind of meh since they don't have the same magic the book's counterpart do or maybe because they are simply not really a fan of the main actor?". Do you agree with this list? Is there something you want to add? Lets us know.

#1 Pulp Fiction

#2 Avatar

#3 Forrest Gump

#4 The Shining

#5 Boyhood

#6 Eat Pray Love

#7 Suicide Squad

#8 2001: A Space Odyssey

#9 Dunkirk

#10 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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