Japanese Billionaire's Principles After 89 Years Of Life: The Greatest Is Surpassing Yourself

According to Japanese billionaire Inamori Kazuo, no matter where we start, we can still be rich if we grasp these two philosophies.

Source: Kyocera

Inamori Kazuo is a legendary Japanese businessman who is the founder of Kyocera. Thanks to his business talent, even after retirement, he was still invited by the Japanese Government to return to work to save Japan Airlines from bankruptcy. In 1 year, he helped Japan Airlines recover from near bankruptcy, and at the same time created the highest profit for Japan Airlines after 60 years.
Successful as he is, in fact he struggled a lot from his beginnings. Inamori Kazuo comes from a poor family with a mediocre job, and also met several setbacks when starting a business. However, he was still able to succeed brilliantly, which is truly remarkable.
This billionaire once said: "Looking back on my life, I myself cannot be considered a smart person. The reason I was able to overcome many difficulties and stand out in the fierce competition is because I realized two principles. Thanks to that, I was able to clear the doubts in my heart and open up a new world of life."

Let your mind be at peace

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In life, people are always dominated by chaotic things. Once the body has reached the limit, we will realize that life has too many helpless things that are not as we want. Under high pressure, our minds can easily become limited. Even Inamori Kazuo wanted to give up under the pressure of life many times.
However, this billionaire understands that it is very difficult to succeed if he maintains that mentality. Therefore, he has come up with a very simple method to relieve pressure, which is: Let your heart be at peace. Every day, he spends 10 to 20 minutes observing the nature, or meditating, closing his eyes to enjoy a moment of silence and relieve the pressure in his heart.
When the mind is calm, the pressure will gradually be dispelled, and good thoughts will appear. It's like waiting for the muddy water to settle, and the fish will slowly come to the surface. These "fish" are good ideas that comes up in our mind. The more "fish" we catch, the easier it is to succeed in life.

Surpass yourself

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If he did not have the mindset of wanting to surpass himself, this billionaire would never be so rich and successful in his life. Inamori Kazuo said: "A person's greatest ability is to overcome oneself, consider self-challenging a sharp knife, intelligently remove obstacles in the journey. Only overcoming the top and surpassing oneself can move someone towards higher achievements".
Overcoming ourselves is not rushing forward like a fool, but trying to let go of our mistakes and step by step rise up again. Failure is inevitable, but we must understand failure doesn't mean over. A person who push forward and retreat at the right time has enough wisdom and courage to surpass himself.
Billionaire Kazuo asserts: "I don't want to be like wheat. I want to be like buckwheat. Wheat will spoil after a strong wind. Buckwheat is different, it has enough water in the body to bend when the wind blows. When the wind passes, the buckwheat still holds its head high, growing even more densely.
Don't be afraid of a challenge, see it as a good opportunity to challenge yourself. Think of challenges as a guide and failure as a test. Only when we bravely conquer ourselves can we step towards success.
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