Casts Of Eternals If The Movie Was Kick-Started In the 80s

The movie Eternals, directed by ChloƩ Zhao, presented us to a completely new formation of MCU superheroes. Regardless of the criticisms and comments, the film was a must-see! Not just one, 2, or 3 heroes were revealed, but about 10 to 11. That's nearly a dozen! With that many characters and the scale of the story, the cast of Eternals must certainly be quite amazing. Indeed, they were, each actor brings a little bit of flavor in the movie, and together the movie is the one best dish this year for superhero fans.
We had a little excitement reimagining the Eternals' crew if the film was set in the 1980s. So, here's a retro-casting for the Eternals of 2021. We're confident you'll approve of the selection. Furthermore, some of them share the same facial structure, while others share the same personality attribute. Check it out!

#1 Kurt Russell As Ikaris

Not only do they share almost the same physical appearance, but Kurt would be an excellent fit for Ikaris' role in the 1980s film. His rugged appearance and manner prove to be the ideal complement to the recipe! Let's not forget that using his celebrity for the sake of cinematic popularity would have been a brilliant idea

#2 Melanie Griffith As Sersi

Sersi has been one of the most empathetic and compassionate individuals through the film. Melanie Griffith would have been the top pick to portray this attribute of hers. She seemed to be born for the job!

#3 Sigourney Weaver As Thena

Weaver portrays Thena's unique combination of hardness and tenderness. If the film had been created in the 1980s, Sigourney would have been the obvious choice to play Thena. Furthermore, taking advantage of her popularity in the 1980s might not have been a bad idea

#4 Anil Kapoor As Kingo

For being the most likable? Check. A personality with one of the most interesting background stories? Check. That's Kingo for all of you. He has experience as a Bollywood performer. So, who would have been cast in the role of Kingo? Anil Kapoor, without a doubt! There will be no further debates on this subject

#5 Danny Glover As Phastos

Phastos is one Eternal who doesn't get enough screen time but yet continues to tell an emotional story that gets him remembered. He is the Eternal who has a genuine connection with humans. Danny Glover, like Bryan Tyree Henry, would have excelled in the part and elevated the film!

#6 Sho Kosugi As Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh is regarded as one of the fiercest warriors in the Eternals group. Sho Kosugi would have been an excellent contender for the role of Gilgamesh. Furthermore, his martial arts abilities would have provided the right action in the previously established epic movies.

#7 Timothy Hutton As Druig

Hutton would have done a fantastic job portraying the aloof Druig. Furthermore, Timothy Hutton and Marlee Matlin would have been an excellent couple.

#8 Marlee Matlin As Makkari

Marlee Matlin would have been the first and only candidate to play Makkari. Marlee is a talented, smooth performer who can portray intense emotions with the smallest of facial gestures.

#9 Mel Gibson As Dane Whitman

Gibson might have been the top option to play Dane Whitman. Mel would've been chosen in his early days as an action star and would've become well-known over the run of the film. Both of their experiences are really similar!

#10 Rita Morena As Ajak

Rita Morena was a well-known Hollywood actress during her Golden Age. Every time she appeared; she added a lot of energy to the show. As a result, she would be an ideal choice to play Ajak, the Prime Eternal in 1980s Eternals.
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