30 Hilarious Tweets That Instruct People On How To Speak In A British Accent

English is the second-most spoken native language globally and an official language in 53 countries. To many people, the British accent is among the sexiest ones out there. It’s one of the aspects that most women find attractive in a man. However, as George Bernard Shaw said that the United States and the United Kingdom were two countries divided by a common language. Both nations have the same origin of language. Their residents also communicate in English. But why do they sound so different?
Of course, their grammar and vocabulary are nearly the same, but it's their pronunciation that distinguishes them. When you hear British and American accents, you can distinguish right away. For example, the American pronunciation of "water" is "wa-der" while the British pronunciation is "waw-tah". Witnessing that difference, many Twitter users have shared and taught others how to pronounce the words in a British accent correctly. Scroll down to check them out.

#1. Hard to get

Source: CleganeNelson

England had a rhotic accent at first. However, to demonstrate their social standing, upper-class people, on the other hand, began to use non-rhotic accents. Non-rhotic speech became the mainstream in the country after the Revolutionary War, and it now affects most British expressions. Cockney, Yorkshire, Northern Irish, Estuary English, Scottish, Brummie, Geordie, and Scouse were all born as a result of this.

#2. Like Arry Po er?

Source: goodbeanalt

#3. Leave us alone

Source: WrongN1K

#4. “Spoida man”

Source: jiggydudej

#5. "I can't breathe"

Source: fgtwentyeight

#6. British people be like " fo thy louve of goo jus sospend em al ray dayy i so tyre"

Source: teethworms

#7. Ok I’ll stop now

Source: spacekittens420

#8. They’re gonna suspend you

Source: jorrrmani

#9. I don't even have to explain why American children cant play with lego

Source: splashiest5

#10. Yeah...

Source: anmolmody

#11. We say thank you

Source: gucciano

#12. What's your point?

Source: sexyenzyme

#13. I can't...

Source: quinnmacncheese

#14. “You aurigh lov?”

Source: kisthes

#15. And the courOna vireus

Source: melia_ol

#16. Uhh humm

Source: _cccccccccccccc

#17. "The Beatles" I guess

Source: rosewoodteIe

#18. Maths?

Source: Param_arya

#19. I'm done

Source: IncNassa

#20. 'Hey Potah"

Source: emmarcarlson

#21. I saw a film?

Source: rgbspill

#22. Piggy poooower!

Source: Circe_Speaks

#23. British smashers are like

Source: Rxcheeel

#24. You meant bri ish people

Source: prominentbabee

#25. Mountain Dew in the U.K?

Source: crotchner

#26. Roll Royce, hahh

Source: Aaron_jett7

#27. Today is friday

Source: fools4eva

#28. Aaaaght innit?

Source: Dani1818

#29. What?

Source: paigettey

#30. Harder than I believe

Source: sonictyrant

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