8 Details That Just Doesn't Make Sense Today From Marvel Movies Phase 1

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) continues to expand with more films and television shows. Back in the MCU Phase 1 era, we were brought to a whole new, dynamic world visually. We've seen a lot of intriguing events and strong characters during the last ten years. This well-known brand has spawned more than 20 films and television shows to date. Some of the characters in those films became famous instantly, while others seemed unimportant.As a result, many of their Phase 1 features have become old and out of date over time, and some have even been forgotten by both filmmakers and fans. As the MCU has brought us to so many new experiences in Phase 4, we decided we'd look back at what we discovered in Phase 1 of the franchise that is no longer relevant.

#1 New York Sky Portal

The gateway in the sky appears to be a classic turning point for every superhero film. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe recognize this piece of writing since The Avengers isn't the first film to use it. And, because the gateway in the sky has already been shown in other films, viewers find it difficult to return to Phase 1 and actually enjoy it.

#2 Thor and Jane

Thor pledged to return to Jane in the early MCU films, but the tale took a different turn later on. In the first movie, their chemistry looked awkward and challenging to engage in.

#3 Phase 1 Thanos

Thanos was portrayed as a lesser character in the MCU Phase 1 since all he can really do is remain on his throne and let others handle his business. He didn't have the same loyal following as he did in Avengers: Infinity War. On the other hand, the visual effect is too vivid violet were unappealing.

#4 Incredible Hulk: Unanswered Things

The Incredible Hulk is one of the films, yet it leaves certain questions unsolved. Betty Ross chose to leave the MCU after her divorce from Bruce. Furthermore, Mr. Blue (also recognized as Samuel Stern) was discovered to be contaminated with Bruce's blood never to be seen again.

#5 The Villans

Loki is regarded as one of the most famous villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's chronology. Fans understood why he was the major villain in the first Avengers film. The other antagonists, on the other hand, appeared to be supporting figures who only benefited from Tony Stark's success.

#6 Black Widow BackStory

Audiences have been awaiting a movie based on Black Widow aka Natasha since her appearance in Avengers and Iron Man 2. Fans, on the other hand, were dismayed to see how the tale portrayed her character in a bad manner. Now that she is no longer alive, the story seems to have lost its relevance.

#7 Bruce Banner's Control With His Anger

The Incredible Hulk's backstory from Phase 1 of the MCU shows Bruce struggling to control his powers rather than take charge of them. He appeared to have worked it out by the end of the movie. However, future MCU films have chosen to retcon it. He appeared to be developing a greater fear of transformation, and he was even spotted going crazy in a few instances.

#8 Thor's Look

Some audiences appear to be critical of Thor's early appearance in MCU Phase 1. Many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) praised his overall appearance in Thor: Ragnarok. Some of them, however, who went back to see the original film, noticed a notable difference in Thor's eyebrows.
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