9 DC Heroes Who Are On The Verge Of Becoming A Villain Themselves

Although the DCEU offers a vast cast of inspirational characters that stand for peace, fairness, and a brighter future, many of these superheroes also carry profound darkness as a result of their terrible pasts and the nature of mankind. There are many crime-fighting heroes in the DCEU that are just as wicked as the enemies, and sometimes they are on the verge of becoming a villain themselves, whether they are anti-heroes, vigilantes, or superheroes.
From varied viewpoints, every character must cope with an internal and external war; it's simply a matter of their origin. Characters with extraordinary power, such as Superman, deal with issues of responsibility and authority. Other heroes, such as Cyborg and Batman, are struggling to come to grips with the loss and grief in their memories. And some of the characters, such as Amanda Waller, remain unaware of how they are exploiting their authority.

#1 Amanda Waller

Few characters can pull off as many vile deeds without even being labeled a villain as Amanda Waller. Despite her ostensibly positive motives, she reveals herself to be a cruel and manipulative lady ready to allow thousands of people to die in Corto Maltese simply because helping them doesn't really match with her strategy.

#2 Peacemaker

While posing as a crime-fighting savior, Peacemaker is a hyper-violent nationalist eager to go to any length to fulfill his cause. Although he claims he is fighting for the greater good, Peacemaker's excessively brutal means and determination to put his objective over morals result in several terrible situations in which innocent citizens are slaughtered.

#3 Cyborg

Few characters have a more terrible and horrific history than Cyborg. His mom was killed in a car crash, and he was gravely wounded. Cyborg is haunted by his existence and struggles to retain his humanity, providing him with an internal battle and depravity that very few of the other figures can equal.

#4 Batman

Batman has become a vigilante for several years and has grown increasingly jaded of the world as a result of everything he has witnessed and experienced. In Batman v Superman, he displays his inner darkness by allowing his paranoia and mistrust to lead him to develop a scheme to hunt down Superman.

#5 Polka-Dot Man

Polka-Dot Man, while being regularly utilized as comedic relief, is a tragic character with a terrible history that has rendered him mentally wounded. His mother's violent tests give him recurrent agony, and he is continually reminded of her image wherever he wanders, even using it as motivation in the fight.

#6 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has evolved into one of the best anti-heroes in the DC Extended Universe. She definitely has no concerns about employing fatal violence, but she also has a strong sense of morality and righteousness. Harley remains a dark and sinister figure who does not share the same noble ethos as her companions Rick Flag or Ratcatcher 2. She's still figuring out how to be a hero, even though she's a violent figure who regularly crosses the line between "good" and "evil."

#7 Shazam

Shazam is a humorous character that adds a lot of laughter to the DCEU; nevertheless, his altered identity, Billy Batson, struggles with some rather serious emotional difficulties coming from his connection with his biological mother. He had a record as a troubled youngster since he frequently ran away, was jailed, and misbehaved in his foster families.

#8 Huntress

Huntress is a person motivated by a strong desire for vengeance. Helena Bertinelli prepared to become a competent executioner so she could kill everyone involved after witnessing the massacre of her whole family in a mafia operation. It comes as no surprise that Huntress is a dark figure motivated by an enthusiasm for violence.

#9 Superman

Unlike earlier incarnations of the character, this variation of Superman is more outspoken about his difficulty to bear the responsibility of being a hero, dealing with questions of power and ethics. Furthermore, the DCEU has hinted at a darker side to the hero, often foreshadowing a "Knightmare" reality in which Superman has become a ruthless tyrant.
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