Into The Spider-Verse 2: Super Weird Spider-Man Variants We Wish To See Together

In the first movie – Spider-Man into the Spider-verse, we were introduced to 7 different variants of Spider-Man from many dimensions. Each of them carries its own origin, personal developments, and slightly different powers. It was quite a blast to watch all those “same same but different but still same” superheroes work together and save the multiverse from collapsing.
And ever since, then fans have been begging for more of this stuff because to be fair, crossovers are the dream of almost every comic and movie enthusiast. Well, the dream just come true, again. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2 the first trailer for Across The Spider-Verse has been published. And what do we expect most from the sequel? More Spider-Man of course!! Fortunately, there is no shortage of Spider-Man variants from comics. Here are some alternate Spider-Men we want to see in Into The Spider-Verse 2.

#1 Spider-Monkey

The Earth is dominated by monkeys who never became humans in the parallel Marvel Apes dimension. In this other universe, a monkey was bitten by a radioactive spider, transforming him into Spider-Monkey.

#2 Penelope Parker

If you believed Spider-Ham from the first film was hilarious, stay until you meet Penelope Parker. Penelope gained her abilities while on a school field trip while she was just 11 years old. She obviously chose to use her abilities to become a superhero.

#3 Aaron Aikman

Dr. Aaron Aikman is a talented researcher as well as a paragon of virtue. He genuinely cares about everyone and will go to any length to defend innocent people's lives. Aikman modified his DNA and created a cybernetic armour for himself. He turns into Spider-Man of Earth -31411.

#4 The Spider

If Spider-Man became inextricably linked to the bloodthirsty Carnage symbiote? The Spider, a crazed Spider-Man from Earth-15, would be the outcome. This Peter Parker is not beyond committing brutal methods such as cannibalism, mass murder, and cold-blooded violence.

#5 Quitter Parker

Earth-9997 Spider-Man is also an exciting introduction to Into The Spider-Verse 2. This Spider-Man is a pathetic idiot. He basically stopped becoming the wall-crawling hero since he believed there are already sufficient heroes on the planet already.

#6 May Parker

Because Spider-Man of Earth-982 lives a different life, he is still married to Mary Jane. They had a kid named May Parker, who grew up to become the Spider-Woman of that world.

#7 Punisher Spider-Man

In this universe, Spider-Man constantly loses dear ones since he refused to take their life, even though they deserved to be killed. Finally, Peter Parker shattered and became a hybrid of two personalities — the Punisher and Spider-Man.

#8 Spider-Punk

Holbie Brown is Earth-138's Spider-Man. Oscorp has taken over the earth in this nightmarish world, and the whole planet has now become Norman's home base. As Spider-Man, Holbie Brown seems to be the only one standing between Norman Osborn & absolute catastrophe.
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