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Hilarious Pics Of People Who Couldn’t Conceal Their Jealousy

Posing is crucial in fashion photography. Why? Because the poses must work to highlight both the subject, the outfits, and accessories. On top of that, they can tell a story, convey a mood, or even sell an entire lifestyle. As a result, the fashionistas and the models must ensure that each pose is accompanied by a suitable facial expression. But it is just in the fashion industry. For amateurs, it’s hard to be good at acting like them.

In reality, people can’t control and hide their thoughts and emotions from anger, sadness, or even jealousy. Therefore, sometimes, you just need to relax your face and life will take care of the rest. Don’t worry. The most attractive moments appear naturally. This doable, effortless but effective suggestion is the best for you. And now, scroll down to check out hilarious pics of people who took envy to a whole new level. I’m sure that these moments will light up your day.

#1. “I wish mine to be as big as hers”

Source: themomviews.com

#2. “I’m fine”

Source: empowermentforempowerers.wpcomstaging

#3. Life is not fair

Source: 9gag.com

#4. Is that…..red velvet?

Source: memecenter.com

#5. I doubt they envy her

Source: imgur.com

#6. Hey bro

Source: imgur.com

#7. Everyone knows that!

Source: reddit.com

#8. Can I get some?

Source: lesoir.be

#9. Why not me

Source: imgur.com

#10. You may be the champion of the world but there’s something you’ll never have

Source: memedroid.com

#11. Watching from afar

Source: blogspot.com

#12. I’m staring at you

Source: ebaumsworld.com

#13. Is anything missing?

Source: ebaumsworld.com

#14. Tell me, who is more handsome?

Source: ebaumsworld.com

#15. Can I have a bite?

Source: net.hr

#16. Obama love for white meat was only rivaled by Michelle herself

Source: imgur.com

#17. I’m crying

Source: joemonster.org

#18. This cleavage is beautiful, it cannot be hidden

Source: reddit.com

#19. Leave me alone

Source: ucrazy.ru

#20. Loving family

Source: mustget.ru

#21. You know what I mean, right?

Source: mustget.ru

#22. No one can be more beautiful than me

Source: mustget.ru

#23. Calculates how many squats she will have to do

Source: net.hr

#24. Why she can?

Source: ebaumsworld.com

#25. Daddy! How could you??

Source: watson.ch

#26. A greeting with the right message, for a competitor to attract attention

Source: mustget.ru

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