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So it was not Elon Musk that said “My daughter will not marry a poor man”?

A statement ("my daughter will not marry a poor man") allegedly given by Elon Musk is going viral on Internet where the Tesla CEO claimed his daughter can never marry a person who does not have the ability to create wealth. What a coincidence is that the same message is viral in the name of Bill Gates as well.

my daughter will not marry a poor manSource: Internet

Musk, the wealthiest person in the world, sold about $5 billion in stake in Tesla after conducting a Twitter survey on whether 10% of the stake in the electric car company should be sold.
In the backdrop of these developments, a long statement allegedly given by Musk is going viral on Internet, in which he apparently explains why his daughter "can't marry a poor man". The statement includes some generic finance-related quotes such as "Wealth is the ability to create wealth", "90% of lottery millionaires become poor again after 5 years" and "Wealth is a state of mind".
Interestingly, the same message is spreading in the name of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

my daughter will not marry a poor manSource: India Today

Several little-known websites have also carried the viral statement as a quote by Gates.
Turns out neither Musk nor Gates has made such a statement. Financial quotes borrowed from various videos and articles were stitched together and falsely attributed to them.
Searching the Internet, we did not find a single mainstream news report attributing a viral statement to Musk or Gates. If they made such a statement, it would definitely be covered in the media.

Quotes plucked from various sources

The common citations used in this article are used in many articles and videos. But nothing comes from Musk or Gates.
In fact, Forbes has attributed the quote "Wealth is a state of mind" to British poet Edward Young.
Another excerpt from the viral post is "90% of lottery millionaires will be poor again in five years." A similar statement was found in the Washington Post report that "about 70% of people who win the lottery or suffer a major storm will go bankrupt within a few years." Here, the data belongs to the US-based National Financial Education Fund.

Musk, Gates and their children

Musk has no girls. He has triplets and twins with his first wife Justine Wilson. All five of them, Griffin, Xavier, Damian, Saxon and Kai, are boys.
Last year, he and his then-girlfriend Grimes welcomed a baby boy whom they named X Æ A-Xii. Musk's first child Nevada Alexander had died in 2002 due to a sudden infant death syndrome.

Source: India Today

In July this year, Musk had expressed hope that his next baby would be a girl.
Gates, on the other hand, has two daughters (Jennifer and Phoebe) and one son (Rory). Jenifer recently got married to 30-year-old equestrian Nayel Nassar.
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