DC League Of Super-Pets: John Krasinski Will Be The New Superman

Guess what, a new and unexpected superhero is about to arrive in theaters! Yes, we are talking about DC League of Super-Pets, the animated film centered on the animal companions of Superman and Batman. Directed by Jared Stern and Sam Levine, it stars Clark Kent's dog, Krypto – voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Alongside the trusty super dog, there will also be Batman's dog Ace (voiced by Kevin Hart), Wonder Woman's pig PB (voiced by Vanessa Bayer), Flash's turtle Merton (voiced by Natasha Lyonne), and Green Lantern's squirrel Chip (voiced by Diego Luna). In the cast of voice actors, we also find action star Keanu Reeves and SNL actress Kate McKinnon.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

Not long ago, there has been another great news about this fun project that make DC fans super excited! Accordingly, the one and only John Krasinski – who has wowed us with his outstanding performance in The Office and awesome directing skills in A Quiet Place – will also join this brand new animation as the beloved Superman.
It seems like Krasinski is super excited about his new role as well. On Twitter, the talented actor shared that he “always wanted to do a buddy movie with The Rock” and these two roles are something that they “were born to play”.
There are also many big names in the film crew like Patricia Hicks, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, John Requa, Glenn Ficarra, and Nicholas Stoller, so it's definitely a hit worth waiting for! It is also interesting to note that the costume worn by Clark Kent in the animated project appears to be inspired by the cartoons of Max Fleischer in the 1940s.
In addition, it’s said that this entire project is based on Legion of Super-Pets, a comic book that debuted in 1962 in Adventure Comics #293. However, Krypto is the only original pet to show up in this new movie. Other characters like Streaky the Supercat, Beppo the Supermonkey, and Comet the Superhorse have been excluded for some unknown reason.

Source: DC Comics

DC League of Super-Pets is scheduled to be premiered in May 2022.
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