It Might Be A Bad Idea To Make Deadpool Appear In The MCU, And Here's Why

When the Disney-Fox merger was announced, lovers of superhero films celebrated. Everyone was overjoyed because The Walt Disney Company owns Marvel Studios while Fox owns the X-Men. It was a historic day for all fans of comic books overall, and superheroes specifically. The mutants now have a chance to participate on the same screen as the Avengers. But, like anything else in our lives, this subject isn't as simple as you may believe.
The Merc with A Mouth, Deadpool, is among Fox's most valued treasures. And if things go according to plan, we could see Deadpool in the MCU. There seems to be another problem, though: Deadpool's R-rated vibe will never work with the MCU's conventional style. And, yes folks, this changes things.

#1 Deadpool’s R-Rated Tone Is Unique

When Deadpool was released theatrically, it set records because it provided people something they didn't know they wanted. Before Deadpool, movies were either serious or lighthearted; there has been no in-between. Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, for example, was gloomy but never humorous.
nullMarvel Studios makes its films extremely funny at the risk of losing the gloomy and dark tone that certain fans adore. Rarely do we find a film that manages to stay within the ethically ambiguous storyline and execution.

#2 Why Deadpool & MCU Will Not Mix

This has often been a point of contention within the Marvel Culture. Will Disney and Marvel Studios be able to handle the brutality, blood, and guts in R-rated blockbusters like Deadpool? Disney is also often recognized for lowering the level of darkness in their films to draw attention to a larger audience.
nullSuch formula-based strategy, however, will indeed be Deadpool's demise. If Disney attempts to include Deadpool into the MCU, the R-rated tone will undoubtedly be diluted and washed down. We don't want to watch a Deadpool with every alternative word beeped out because it isn't "family-friendly" enough for the movies.

#3 Deadpool Must Stay Out Of The MCU For The Sake Of Other R-Rated Heroes

There are other heroes with just as many, if not more, possibilities for R-Rated adventure than Deadpool. Consider the Punisher or Daredevil. Both heroes have established series thanks to Netflix. With Moon Knight, Disney is attempting to break into the R-rated category. However, there are several hurdles there as well.
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