Spider-Man New Black-Gold Suit Can Potentially Turn Him To One Of The Strongest Avengers We Have Seen

The new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer revealed not only a few highly probable figures, such as the reunion of the Sinister Six or the presence of other two incarnations of Spider-Man, but it also revealed Spider-Man new outfits. The second teaser for Marvel and Sony's Spider-Man movie clearly shows Spider-Man with a black and gold outfit.
Doctor Strange appears to have had a significant influence on Spider-Man in No Way Home. Spidey's gold and black sling ring outfit are shown in all its magnificence in the teaser. And here are some of the potential skills granted by the sling ring outfit that the teaser didn't disclose. However, this summary is purely speculative and relies on our best understanding of past MCU films and series that are used as reference.

#1 Dimensional Transportation

The sling rings that originally appeared in Doctor Strange have the power to move both persons and items. And, as previously stated, this travel can be both geographical and inter-dimensional. Sling rings are mostly used to create gateways. A doorway bends space-time to provide a passage to entirely new realms, sometimes in other universes. As of currently, only spatial movement inside the same universe has been demonstrated in films.

#2 Mysterious Webbing Ability

A set of magic is tied to the wrist location of the magical black outfit. The costume allows Spider-Man to use a new type of webbing. Furthermore, given the esoteric structure of the webbing, we are confident that it will never run out, unlike his normal fluid-powered web-shooters.

#3 Teleportation

Before progressing to more sophisticated levels of magic, a wizard studying Kamar-Taj acquires the power of teleportation as a basic technique. Doctor Strange's teleportation abilities were crucial in both the Battle of Titan and the Endgame Battle of Earth. Using the gateways to run circles around the Sinister Six, Spider-Man could amass significant force. The teleportation powers of the sling ring outfit might force him to employ some dangerous hit-and-run strategies.

#4 Magic Enhanced Durability

We've seen in the MCU's What If... series that Doctor Strange may use protective runes to boost not only his own but also his allies' resilience. Even Ultron, who possessed all of the Infinity Stones, struggled to overcome the Guardians of the Multiverse due to the protective magic. A comparable set of charms might be cast on Spider-sling Man's ring costume. The suit's endurance may have been enhanced beyond recognition.

#5 Spatial Or Even Inter-Dimensional Locking

Doctor Strange has the capacity to track down individuals hundreds of lightyears distant and open a doorway to bring them in. If this is another power granted by the sling ring, Spider-Man can gain access to it through his new costume. It's a handy tool that might help him find the dimensions where he can enlist heroes like Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man to join him in his quest.

#6 Mystically Enhanced Strength & Speed

Many of Spider-Man's Spider-Iron armor’s lethal abilities provided Spider-Man an advantage in Endgame. The Black-Gold outfit might contain mystical power that boosts Spider- Man's already remarkable strength. It may also provide a much-needed boost to his other physical abilities, such as agility and dexterity.

#7 Possible Other Powerful Magic Spells

It has been demonstrated in various MCU series and movies that magic may be performed and placed on hold as a backup. Even if Strange is not present to trigger it, several conditions may be satisfied for it to be activated. Strange might have used the new costume to unleash some backup magic. These powers would be like concealed abilities that would appear when Spider-Man truly needs them.
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