Table of content    
  1. Optimal Positioning
  2. Nature Is Scary
  3. A Near Miss
  4. What a Coincidence
  5. Fated to Be
  6. You Shall Not Pass
  7. Upon Closer Inspection
  8. Now I Am Free
  9. Two for One
  10. The Black Sheep
  11. All Things in Time
  12. Blending Into Suburbia
  13. Dressed for Success
  14. Speed of Light
  15. The Proof Is in the Coffee
  16. A Part of You
  17. Frozen in Place
  18. Loading Textures…
  19. Circle of Life
  20. Move it or Lose It
  21. The Perfect Moment
  22. The Misleading Image
  23. The Rebel Child
  24. Have We Met?
  25. It Speaks for Itself
  26. Still Bad Though
  27. Stay on Target
  28. In One Piece, Kind Of
  29. Close One!
  30. Is That You, Brother?
  31. I Think it Is
  32. Predicting the Future
  33. Finish What You Start
  34. You Are What You Are
  35. Multiplication Tables
  36. This Seems Familiar
  37. Wild Photobombing Perfection
  38. Unexpected Throwback to 2016
  39. How’s the Weather Up There?
  40. The Rarest Turtle
  41. Didn’t Nail It
  42. Hollywood Turned Real
  43. Got Too Close
  44. Natural Fulcrum
  45. Hanging by a Thread
  46. Axe to Meet You
  47. Wrong Lane
  48. Jelly Truck
  49. Tree Antlers
  50. Almost Went Down the Drain
  51. Tunnel Cheating
  52. Watch Your Fingers
  53. Save on Delivery
  54. Last Roll
  55. Give it Back
  56. Playing With Fire
  57. Safety First
  58. A Failed Prank
  59. Monsters Are Real
  60. Unusual Shirts
  61. Cat Human
  62. Cat Socks
  63. Return of the Transformers
  64. Eiffel Renovations
  65. Moonlight Street Lamp
  66. Swallow the Sun
  67. Where’s My Wife
  68. Bring Back the Top Hat
  69. Traditional Pizza
  70. Bearded Ladies
  71. A Fowl Was Here
  72. In Plain Sight
  73. Attack of the Clones
  74. Close Call Times Two
  75. Just the Right Time

45+ Times We Had To Ask “What Are The Chances?”

What Are the Chances of These Things Happening?!

There are few things in life that are truly impossible. However, there are plenty of things that are extremely unlikely. And yet, even instances and events that have nearly impossible odds happen more frequently than you think. That’s why we’ll be using this article to help you skip the part where you scour the internet for Entertainment, and simply show you things that make us ask “what are the chances?” Spoiler alert: the chances are generally pretty low.


#1. Optimal Positioning

Sometimes, a certain location is ideal for everyone. In the case of this building, clearly, there is an optimal position for the TV to be. After all, all four of these tenants have their TV in the exact same spot. It’s a little uncanny, to say the least.

The way they ended up lining up this way is probably pretty low, so we’ve included it here, even though, technically, it’s something pretty mundane. Even the mundane can become interesting though!


#2. Nature Is Scary

What are the chances that lava would cool to look like something extremely terrifying? You know, like a bunch of bodies being dragged to the depths? We imagine it’s not particularly high, hence why this cooled lava is here on this list.

We don’t know enough science to explain how or why this lava cooled like this, but it is interesting, in its own macabre way. Is this actually a pretty normal thing for volcanoes or what?


#3. A Near Miss

Being a fish in a fishbowl is already a hard enough life as it is. Now, imagine that your bowl gets knocked over! Freaking great! However, even in such a terrible situation, fate may still smile upon such a fish. In this case, the bowl fell over…

And landed in a way where the water managed to stay in the bowl, with the fish facing no danger at all! Seriously, what are the odds of that?! Still, getting that bowl right side up without endangering the fish might be a problem…


#4. What a Coincidence

There are actually more teachers out there with fitting names for their subjects than one might think. However, it’s still pretty rare in general. This teacher is in charge of a foreign languages course, and his name happens to be Mr. English. Haha.

Of course, it would have been funnier if his name was actually a foreign language (we’re assuming this is a primarily English school), but even so, it’s a pretty amusing coincidence. Could have been just a little funnier, but we’ll take it nevertheless.


#5. Fated to Be

Sometimes, you can find yourself in the pictures taken by other people, almost always by accident. That situation is already quite unlikely, but it gets even crazier if you somehow end up being important to that stranger later down the line. Now that doesn’t happen often.

These two got married, later realizing that the husband appeared in the background of a picture the wife took many years ago, before they were married at all. Now, what are the chances of that? We’re certain said chances are infinitesimal.


#6. You Shall Not Pass

Wildfires are terrifying because of their nigh unstoppable destructive power. When they do die out, it’s usually just because they ran out of things to burn. This wildfire, whatever the reason, died out at the perfect time to spare this homeowner.

The chances of this miracle occurring are undoubtedly low: or perhaps, this stone fence actually contains some incredible power? Probably not, but this homeowner probably felt that way after laying eyes on how close his property came to destruction.


#7. Upon Closer Inspection

We’ll admit, this just looks like a regular picture from a high school basketball game at first glance. However, there is something about it that had very low chances of happening. Take a closer look, and you’ll notice that no one on the court is touching the ground.

Of course, the chances of something like this happening is actually a lot higher than some of the other things on this list, but even so, it’s unlikely enough that we feel it should be mentioned anyway.


#8. Now I Am Free

Eggs, you gotta love ’em. With so many ways to cook them, there’s an egg recipe for everyone out there. That said, we’ve yet to see one that involves flipping it so hard that the yolk detaches itself from the egg white. Maybe it’s just trying to escape its doom.

On the other hand, we feel inclined to try and replicate this just to see how unlikely it really is. We should probably expect to have a lot of egg on our ceilings and our floors, all things considered.


#9. Two for One

A minted coin is only supposed to be pressed once on each side. As you can clearly see here, this coin ended up getting pressed twice. Consider all of the coins you’ve ever seen in your life, and you’ll understand why the chances of this happening is pretty low.

Coins like this are so rare, in fact, that they can often be sold to coin collectors for a pretty high sum. That too is evidence of just how unlikely it is for things like this to actually happen.


#10. The Black Sheep

Candy is usually made to be uniform, but there’s always a low chance that a mistake will occur. In the case of this poor Sour Patch Kid, he seems to have gotten the wrong head of hair. Actually, it’s kind of funny how perfectly this mistake worked out.

We can’t help but wonder if the person who found this particular Sour Patch Kid was able to control themselves and avoid eating in order to keep it for future posterity. We’re not sure if we could do that, even with how rare it is.


#11. All Things in Time

Technically speaking, this entry on this list is a little odd, since the chances of this happening are actually very high given enough time. You see, this old putty had salt in it, and over many, many years, that salt crystallized into perfect cubes like this.

Technically that’s something that’s almost certainly going to happen after enough time, but most people dispose of putty long before that ever happens, so the chances of an average Joe coming across it is in fact pretty rare.


#12. Blending Into Suburbia

What’s odd about this squirrel is that it looks like it is wearing pants, due to the fact that it is two different colors that are split perfectly between its legs and its upper body. Why its coat is like that, we’re not sure. Technically, we suppose animal fur can take on all sorts of patterns.

That said, what are the chances that a squirrel’s fur would end up being a nearly perfect split like this? As always, we’re sure that those chances are very slim, but at least someone managed to get a picture of it!


#13. Dressed for Success

What’s so special about this turtle shell? Well, not a lot, technically. But the fact that it has a cute little bowtie pattern on its shell is unlikely enough that we’ll give it a spot on this list, mostly because it makes us smile. This little guy is always ready for a night on the town!

This kind of thing actually happens fairly often with the fur on cats and dogs. Maybe it happens with turtles often enough as well, but not as many people own turtles, so it wouldn’t seem common either way. That’s just a guess, of course.


#14. Speed of Light

The speed of light is fast: really fast. And yet, you can technically still capture light in motion on camera, if you are astronomically lucky. This guy put an LED light in his faucet and took a picture at the exact moment it changed colors, resulting in this.

As for why he wanted to have an LED light in his faucet, we assume he just wanted his water to look super cool when he turned the handle. And honestly, that does seem pretty cool, the more we think about it. Maybe we should try that?


#15. The Proof Is in the Coffee

You can make a lot of fancy images with coffee, assuming you put the right ingredients into it. But sometimes, the coffee speaks for you, making an image without anyone asking for it. Unfortunately, this image just wants to remind someone to send that critical work email.

Just to be very clear, the coffee is making an @ symbol, which we all know is primarily reserved for email addresses. It’s just a coincidence, but thinking up a funny story to go with it is, well, funny.


#16. A Part of You

You’ll have to look pretty closely to see this, but oddly enough, this guy has veins in his hand that form the shape of a heart. What are the chances of that? It’s small, for sure. Either way, this is definitely useful for this guy: imagine all the corny pickup lines he could make up!

We’re curious to know what would actually cause veins to be like this, but we have no way of knowing. Maybe it really is just random? Unless a doctor tells us otherwise, we’re not sure there would be any way to disprove that theory.


#17. Frozen in Place

It’s weird to think that water can freeze even while it is in motion. No one ever seems to notice it until after it happens. That said, it does happen, and in some places you may not expect, like this fire hydrant. We’re kind of curious who left the water running, though…

Not to mention, shouldn’t it be against some kind of code to just leave the hydrant like this? We’re not firemen, so we don’t know, but it sure seems like this would be problematic. Well, what do we know anyway?


#18. Loading Textures…

We’re not sure how to explain this apple. Looking at it, it seriously looks like the apple failed to completely load into reality or something. Failing that, if you were someone with glasses, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking they were smudged or something.

We don’t know who to ask about apples and how this could happen, and we’re not sure what we would search up on the internet either. Honestly, this strange mystery is driving us crazy! Why is the apple blurrier in one spot?


#19. Circle of Life

You would never find a tree inside of a bush when you chop it down. But you would never expect to see an image of a tree when you chopped down a bush either! Even so, that’s exactly what this person found here when they cut this bush down.

There’s probably no specific reason this image ended up being formed. It’s a complete coincidence, but it’s a coincidence with a very low chance of happening, which is why it gets to be here, impressing us on this list.


#20. Move it or Lose It

Nature is unforgiving. Oftentimes, it will shove other things out of the way in order to survive. Sometimes, nature even pushes other nature out of the way. Or just goes through it, in this case. For some reason, this plant decided to go right through this poor leaf.

Well, not like it has the sentience to make that decision on its own, but we’re still surprised it speared right through the leaf instead of just pushing it out of the way as it grew. Guess the leaf was equally stubborn!


#21. The Perfect Moment

Catching the split second that no one ever sees with their eyes is something truly rare. This is one such image of a wave coming onto the shore, in a moment that is so rarely seen it almost doesn’t even look real! It’s on this list simply because the chances of getting such a picture are super low.

Really, we’re grateful to all of the photographers out there that do their best to take images in those split seconds that no one ever sees. It’s tough work, and probably requires many, many tries before they get what they want.


#22. The Misleading Image

Believe it or not, the image below is actually a photo, and it is indeed just one photo. We know it looks like a collage, but it isn’t. It’s on this list because we believe the chances of getting everything so perfect geometric that it looks like a collage are pretty low.

On top of that, it’s just really hard to believe, even though we do. It’s just pretty unlikely that someone would actually be able to get a picture this perfectly streamlined, though definitely not impossible.


#23. The Rebel Child

Everyone knows that sunflowers are supposed to grow facing the sun for optimal growth. They almost always do, but in some cases, some very rare cases, they decide to be little rebels. Just take a look at this sunflower right here, which refuses to go along with the pack!

We’re curious as to why it grew in the opposite direction: perhaps it could only get the sunlight it needed after the sun started setting, with all of those other sunflowers in the way? We don’t know for certain, but that sounds reasonable to us.


#24. Have We Met?

They say that there are actually quite a number of individuals around the world that look exactly like you. However, the chances of you running into them is usually pretty low. But really low and zero aren’t the same thing! These two total strangers got on a plane, then realized something odd…

That’s right, they look exactly like each other, to an extent that is well and truly downright uncanny. As we can see, they certainly had a good laugh about it, which is the proper response for this kind of wacky and unbelievable encounter.


#25. It Speaks for Itself

For manufacturing purposes, a lot of products have serial numbers on them. Usually, those serial numbers amount to a bunch of gibberish that doesn’t mean anything particularly special, but sometimes those serial numbers end up being very uncanny.

In this picture, you can see the serial number for a pizza cutter. You can also see that the serial number spells out “Pizza,” in a manner of speaking. Needless to say, the chances of something like that happening are pretty low! That just makes it funnier.


#26. Still Bad Though

Usually, when we say something is really uncanny and unlikely to happen, it’s something good. However, there are also uncanny bad things that can happen. For instance, the guy riding this bike dropped his phone while doing so (he probably shouldn’t have been using it!), and this is what happened.

Whether or not this is actually better than the phone just hitting the ground, we’re not sure. Either way, it certainly didn’t come out of the situation well off regardless. Still, what are the chances of the bike making a catch like this?

#27. Stay on Target

The chances of anything falling and hitting a needle are pretty low. After all, lower surface area means there’s just less to hit in general. And yet, this acorn managed to fall directly onto this needle-shaped plant, getting stuck there.

We suppose that someone could have planted it there for a nice shot, but we’d prefer to think that this is one of those “one in a million” chance occurrences that people like us on the internet can find some amusement in. Here’s hoping.


#28. In One Piece, Kind Of

Needless to say, when a glass or mug falls to the ground, it usually breaks into many unidentifiable pieces, completely losing any sense of functionality or form. This glass, however, broke in a very interesting fashion. Sure, it’s still not usable, but in a way, the most important parts stayed together! What are the odds?

It actually makes for a pretty interesting artistic piece, at this point. That may not be particularly useful, but it would be an interesting thing to show off to your friends whenever you invited people over. At least it could still serve a function of some sort, that way.


#29. Close One!

We’re not exactly sure what this statue of a swerving driver incorporates. However, we do know that it’s pretty ironic that a car crashed next to the statue, just barely missing it. Surely we don’t have to actually explain that irony, since it’s kind of on the nose.

The real question is, did the car swerve to miss the statue, or did the statue swerve to miss the car…? Well, we all know the real answer to that question, but it’s nevertheless fun to think about, from a silly and imaginative perspective.


#30. Is That You, Brother?

Car license plates are usually randomized, so it’s not every day that you see a plate that is in any way relevant to your own. But not only do these cars literally have sequential license plates, they are even the same model, and they ended up being near each other!

And then of course there’s the fact that they ended up parking right next to each other, which is also super unlikely. To call this coincidence uncanny would really be a pretty massive understatement. Did the drivers look alike as well?


#31. I Think it Is

One look at this picture, and you can understand why we have it on this list. Everything about it is a very unlikely coincidence. This stack of newspapers claims that what we are looking at is not a coincidence, though we all know for certain that it is.

That said, it truly is a super unlikely coincidence that gets us to cock an eyebrow. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that it’s a little unsettling. It would be even more interesting if we knew what the article itself was talking about.


#32. Predicting the Future

At one time, Batman was a character that had not been portrayed by certain actors. That time was 2008. This entry of Trivial Pursuit asked such a question at the time, while providing some uncanny answers. To see what we mean, just take a look at this.

As you can see, the one actor they chose to be the wrong answer back in 2008 has actually played Batman today. We’re just saying, what are the chances Trivial Pursuit would make that selection? Or were they just privy to something we weren’t?


#33. Finish What You Start

So this one is just a little funny, but it’s enough to mention here. Really, there’s not a lot of explaining to do, as the image speaks for itself. A song comes on the radio, and it has a certain name, and that name ends up being something in particular…

Ultimately, we get a little joke about starting something you can’t finish, in about as literal a manner as you can get. It’s a small coincidence, but one that makes us snort a little when we see it, at least the first time or two.

#34. You Are What You Are

Now here’s something that’s truly uncanny: what are the chances that all of these flamingos would be hanging out in the shape of a flamingo themselves? This image was caught by a photographer as he was flying over Mexico. We honestly don’t think he could have baited them into this formation.

Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean the image is 100% real, but we’d prefer to believe that it is, because that makes it way cooler than it being fake. We want to believe! For our amusement if nothing else.


#35. Multiplication Tables

Twins are uncommon, but not extremely unlikely. A set of twins marrying another set of twins is even rarer, but still, something that happens often enough. What really makes this situation ridiculous is the fact that the married sets of twins both had twins of their own.

This is something we would actually like to pose to a mathematician or something: what exactly are the chances of something like that happening? We can’t imagine that it’s higher than one percent, though we’re not qualified to make that judgment.


#36. This Seems Familiar

Sometimes, you can’t help but shake the feeling that you’ve seen something somewhere before. It’s usually just a feeling, but oddly enough, you’re usually right. Take this guy for example: he took a picture of this bowl because he could have sworn he’d seen it somewhere before.

After a bit of digging, he found out why it was so familiar: it was the same bowl from a book that he had read four decades in the past. The chances of that are pretty slim when you think about how many bowls are out there.


#37. Wild Photobombing Perfection

Photobombing usually requires intent of some sort, which most animals don’t actually have in regards to cameras. So when an animal photobombs, it’s usually an accident, and a funny one at that. It’s even better when it happens on Google, because that means there was only a split second opportunity for this to happen.

We’re actually curious about this little fellow. What is he doing to be getting so much air in this picture? Is it running from something, or is this just how it crosses the road? The world may never know the answer to this question.


#38. Unexpected Throwback to 2016

Dabbing is a fad that has already passed its prime as far as pop culture is concerned. Apparently, this broccoli didn’t get the message. Hey, it may be out of date, but as long as he’s having fun, who cares? Either way, it’s pretty funny to look at.

That said, vegetables and fruits actually get deformed pretty often, it’s just that that deformed produce doesn’t make its way to the store very often, since it gets intentionally weeded out. In a way, that still makes it rare though, right?


#39. How’s the Weather Up There?

Foxes are generally regarded as quite cunning animals, so it’s no surprise that they can pull off some strange things. However, getting onto the roof of someone’s home is not something they are really known for doing with any regular frequency.

We’re not sure what this fox was trying to do or why it decided to do it, but it doesn’t seem particularly bothered by its situation, so we are assuming that it intended to get up there, for some reason or another.


#40. The Rarest Turtle

Albinism can actually occur in any animal species, meaning that it’s technically not that rare if you consider every animal in the world. However, if you just consider turtles, it’s certainly not every day that you see an albino one like this, found in the tropics.

We can’t help but wonder if that albinism helps or hinders this turtle’s existence in the ocean. Is it a bigger target for predators? Less? We’re asking the big questions here, but we’re not getting any answers, unfortunately.


#41. Didn’t Nail It

This could have gone wrong on so many levels. Basically, this guy just got lucky twice. First, this nail could have severely injured his feet. Second, since it’s rusty, chances are that he would have suffered from a bacterial infection. Eek!

It looks like the nail just penetrated the dead skin on his ankle. Ironically, it looks like bad feet hygiene can actually be a real lifesaver.


#42. Hollywood Turned Real

Tire explosions are rare. But, it happens from time to time nonetheless. At least, we believe it to be the case here. This happens when ignition gases mix with the air in the tire. These gasses create pressure, which ultimately leads to an internal rupture in the tire.

So, when a vehicle is going at top speed this is the result. What’s worse, this often happens out of nowhere. These two are just lucky to be alive.


#43. Got Too Close

Photography is an excellent hobby, or a profession, depending on how good you are with the camera. It seems that, in this case, this photographer really took it to the extreme. Taking photos of racing cars could be a great way to make money, but racing cars can be very much like hungry alligators.

If you get too close, you’d probably get bitten or run over — or even crushed when a car hits the safety railing. We bet he still got that shot he was hoping for, though.


#44. Natural Fulcrum

Sometimes, even Mother Nature feels like she had enough with the laws of physics. So, she bends them a little. By the looks of it, a violent storm broke the tree in such a way that its trunk became a sort of a weird fulcrum, balancing the rest of it and barely missing the car below.

Mother Nature has a wry sense of humor, but at least the car was spared. We hope no one got injured during this freak incident.


#45. Hanging by a Thread

We could easily believe this picture to be some real-life scene from some Hollywood blockbuster or from one of the GTA video games. Looks like they were chased by a bunch of bad guys and somehow ended up on what looks like a pedestrian-only street.

It definitely takes a lot of skills to balance your car in this way while, supposedly, escaping the bad guys. If we could unlock achievements in real life, we would call this one A Perfect Balance.


#46. Axe to Meet You

There’s a reason why you often see a warning sticker on the back of big trucks saying, “Keep your distance.” Well, maybe this isn’t exactly what they originally meant, but this picture could give you an idea as to why you should actually keep your distance.

An axe is a legitimate work tool — used by construction workers, carpenters, and by many other manual laborers. The problem begins when you forget to put it somewhere safe. By safe, we mean the vehicle’s toolbox.


#47. Wrong Lane

Driving during wintertime, especially when it’s snowing, can be a real challenge. Things can get out of control very quickly. Now, imagine driving over a bridge during wintertime after it has just snowed, and then suddenly losing control of your vehicle.

That’s definitely not something you’d want to go through. But, if it does happen, pray you hit a concrete post — because chances are, it will prevent your car from falling off the bridge and into the river.


#48. Jelly Truck

Solid materials can expand, but to what extent? Usually, you can play around with them only up to a certain point, beyond which they will break. This truck clearly defies the laws of physics.

Somehow, it seems like it was able to act like a jelly, stretching in a weird and twisted angle without breaking apart. We don’t know how they achieved it, but this is certainly something that’s worthy of a scientific inquiry.


#49. Tree Antlers

This is one of those pictures that was caught at the right moment — unless someone replaced this buck’s antlers with a giant tree. On second thought, it looks like that this is actually a female deer and, therefore, it doesn’t have antlers.

This makes us wonder if Mother Nature finally joined the equal rights movement and decided to introduce some changes to promote equality between male and female deers.


#50. Almost Went Down the Drain

If you had to choose between accidentally dropping your house keys or dropping your phone into the storm drain, what would you choose? This guy got lucky, as he was only a moment away from losing his key in the drain.

It landed perfectly in the gap between the two bars, just an inch away from falling. Lucky for him, he didn’t have to spend a whole evening getting the locks to his house changed.


#51. Tunnel Cheating

When we first saw this picture, we felt like the truck was cheating. There’s a reason why height limits exist in tunnels. Imagine what would have happened if this truck had been just a little taller, by even a centimeter?

It wouldn’t have been able to get through this tunnel. In this case, this truck is just hardly avoiding the ceiling. We bet it takes some serious skills to know exactly whether or not you’d be able to drive through a tunnel without shaving off half your cargo.


#52. Watch Your Fingers

This is proof that safety gloves can actually protect your fingers from some very unpleasant consequences. By the looks of it, this guy’s fingers got tangled in the machine in the picture.

Since he was wearing these gloves, he managed to avoid getting severely hurt. There’s also a chance that he just got lucky. Also, if you take a close look at the machine, there’s a warning label for cases such as this.


#53. Save on Delivery

While we know that there’s a good chance that they didn’t intend to save on the delivery here, you still have to admit that it would be a little funny to learn that this car owner volunteered themselves to pick up a piece of steel roofing themselves in order to cut costs. Seriously — maybe they really needed this corrugated steel roofing, but didn’t want to pay extra money for having it delivered to them.

Actually, we know what happened. If you look closely, there’s a pickup truck right behind the Chevy. It seems like someone hit the brakes really hard and sent this metal roofing flying right through the car. Luckily, no one was hurt!


#54. Last Roll

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over time is that you should never get to a point where you have only a single toilet paper roll left. Realizing you ran out of toilet paper whilst you’re sitting on the bowl — well, there’s really very little worse than that.

Actually, one thing might be worse — dropping your last toilet paper roll into the toilet. Yeah… that definitely sucks big time.


#55. Give it Back

Sometimes, as it seems, you can attribute human qualities to watermelons. Someone chanced upon this weird scene, which looks like a scuffle between a watermelon and what could possibly be a pitcher of homemade watermelon juice.

We don’t know who said what to whom, but things escalated quickly. It looks like this watermelon was pretty serious at getting back at the watermelon juice jug. Maybe it didn’t want to suffer the same fate?


#56. Playing With Fire

Who said that dragons aren’t real? They’re actually not, but photography is. By using the right camera, angle, and light, you can pretty much trick everyone into believing that the picture you took is real.

This picture was probably taken at a Chinese restaurant while preparing a wok dish. You know, stir-fry, which is basically the Chinese version of sautéing. The only difference is that stir-fry involves open flames.


#57. Safety First

This guy got away on pure luck. Had he not been wearing these safety glasses, things would have turned out very differently for him. Angle grinders are some of the hardest tools to operate.

They’re very loud, hard to control, and prone to various accidents. While the grinding disc is not supposed to technically break, accidents happen. This is what happened here. Chances are that while cutting a piece of metal, the disc cracked, sending flying shards in all directions.


#58. A Failed Prank

We don’t know what he did to deserve this, but he was lucky enough to avoid being completely drenched. It’s also possible that they just won a game and got a little too excited about it.

Regardless, it takes some serious skill to dodge an incoming water cooler. We would expect nothing less from a serious baseball player. These guys know how to get that home run.


#59. Monsters Are Real

Remember when you were growing up, you were told that monsters aren’t real before going to bed? We hate to break it to you but they lied to you. Monsters are real and this picture proves it.

There’s also a good chance that it was taken by a skilled photographer who knows how to manipulate the camera and take pictures at the very right moment. We prefer the latter option.


#60. Unusual Shirts

If you see a weird human face supposedly coming out of the red shirts, you’re not going mad. You’re simply experiencing a phenomenon called face pareidolia. Our brain is wired to detect fixed patterns in randomness.

There’s a good chance that these are just shirts, and Voldemort is not coming out of them. But, we can’t help it, because this is the way our mind works. It doesn’t make it any less creepy, though.


#61. Cat Human

Cats are very curious creatures by nature — sometimes a little too curious. They also have a tendency to disrupt your daily routine when you happen to work from home. This seems to be the case here.

This woman was only trying to hold a video conference, but the cat had other plans. One of them included popping its head in front of the camera at the wrong moment and making it look like they both blended into a single entity.


#62. Cat Socks

Ever since cats were discovered by the internet, they have never ceased to be a sensation. This seems like the next step in this weird relationship.

People have started buying all types of clothing with cat faces — and that includes socks! At this rate, cat socks will replace actual cats as pets. Let’s hope that never actually happens!


#63. Return of the Transformers

This is too good to be a mere coincidence. Maybe the transformers do live among us, hiding in plain sight, as Optimus Prime said. There’s a good chance, though, that it’s simply how the emitted light is projected on the wall.

On the other hand, why would they turn on the lights when it’s still bright outside? This could only mean one thing — the Decepticons are trying to retake the planet.


#64. Eiffel Renovations

Looks like it’s official. The French had enough of their no-longer-favorite steel tower and they finally decided to cart it off. We’re kidding, of course, but you have to admit that this was probably the first thought that crossed your minds too.

Historically, they did plan to tear down the tower 20 years after it was built. They didn’t do it because Gustave Eiffel installed an antenna and a radio at its top, thus making it useful during the first world war.


#65. Moonlight Street Lamp

If the moon actually emitted light like the sun, wouldn’t it be awesome if we just could use pieces of the moon in our street lamps? This is just a wild fantasy — since the moon is just made of rock and dust and only reflects the light it gets from the sun.

But, this is nonetheless a very artistic image. Actually, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that there’s no light bulb. This means that this isn’t exactly the type of street you want to be on after dark.


#66. Swallow the Sun

The art of photography never ceases to amaze us. This is just another example of why photography is an art. The setting sun was captured at the precise moment to make it look like this thistle is swallowing the sun.

It made us wonder for a moment if it’s actually a thistle or venus trap. You know, the flower from the 1986 movie, Little Shop of Horrors. Although, we’re pretty certain that even that monstrous flower wouldn’t have been able to swallow an entire sun.


#67. Where’s My Wife

The Minotaur is a famous fictional character from Greek mythology. It’s basically a creature who’s half-human and half-bull. It lurks in a maze on the island of Crete. Theseus, the famous Greek hero, who was aided by the king of Crete’s daughter, ultimately manages to slay the beast.

It looks like this picture was simply taken at the right moment, when the upper part of the dog’s body seamlessly blended with this woman’s legs.


#68. Bring Back the Top Hat

Top hats are perhaps the best-known Western article of clothing that’s associated with rigorous dress codes and smothering formalities. The top hat emerged in Europe towards the end of the 18th century, gaining immense popularity during the 19th century, but almost completely disappeared in the 20th century.

So, you have to admit that it’s nice to see it back, even if it’s just for a brief moment in the metro. Who knows, maybe in the future it will become fashionable again.


#69. Traditional Pizza

There’s something quaint about this picture, perhaps because we have a soft spot for the elderly or simply because there aren’t many places like that anymore. This looks like the place where they actually use traditional recipes to make excellent homemade pizzas, continuously since 1965.

What’s more, it looks like little has changed — even the way in which both men pour over the pizza when making it.


#70. Bearded Ladies

From a biological point of view, women don’t, technically, have beards. We mean, they usually have some very fine traces of facial hair, but it’s not very visible. However, it looks like we’re witnessing a new phase in human evolution.

It seems like the laws of nature were redefined here, and so it’s official — women can spontaneously grow beards. We don’t know how, or why, but the truth is inescapable.


#71. A Fowl Was Here

You don’t see it very often, but birds actually do smack into things more often than they would probably like. Oddly enough, they tend to leave a much clearer imprint than one would expect while they’re at it. A bird landed on this dusty table for just a brief moment, but you can see a lot of him!

The same thing usually happens when a bird hits a dusty windshield or a door. It’s kind of unfortunate for them, but usually they manage to keep flying without suffering any long-lasting serious injury. Most of the time, at any rate.


#72. In Plain Sight

Ladybugs are universally recognized by their red color and black spots. But this one is actually white, which is definitely a rarity. It’s not every day that you would come across a ladybug like this one, probably because no one would know to look out for it.

That said, we can’t imagine this is a very helpful color to have in nature. Then again, red doesn’t actually blend in with that much either, save for some flowers. Maybe we’re just putting too much value on the color of ladybugs in general.


#73. Attack of the Clones

We highly doubt that all of the people on this bus really look exactly the same, but from the rear, they most certainly do! What are the chances of having this many people who look so similar sitting in a row on a bus? Once again, it’s probably not very high.

It is especially amusing though, which is probably why someone saw fit to take a picture in the first place. We just can’t help but wonder if all of these similar-looking women actually noticed the uncanny coincidence or not. It’s hard to tell.


#74. Close Call Times Two

Dodging a tree that fell during a storm is already a very fortuitous event. Now, imagine getting lucky enough to dodge two trees that were both felled by a storm! Super lucky, and super unlikely. The fact that both trees landed this close to this car, and on both sides, is uncanny.

Of course, the other cars parked there got lucky as well, but they both only managed to dodge one tree, so we’re going to focus our attention on the one that was lucky enough to dodge two. Can’t blame us for that one, right?


#75. Just the Right Time

Alright, so this probably isn’t as incredible as some of the other things we’ve mentioned on this list, but even so, it’s kind of impressive at the least. This bird and its owner just happened to line up perfectly at the exact time that they needed to.

In doing so we got this neat little optical illusion out of it, which is certainly still a coincidence, even if it is one that we would consider to be just slightly more likely than some of the competition it has on this list.

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