45 Completely Unexplainable Stock Photos That No One Will Ever Use

Do you often use stock photos for work? Stock photos can be used in a variety of fields and for a wide range of purposes, including marketing, advertising, personal projects, and commercials. Because of the high demand, making stock photography is a common option for freelance graphic designers and businesses alike to earn money. Every day, thousands of stock photos are created and made available for download. Some are great. But some are just unexplainably weird.
In this article, we are going to share with you some of the weirdest stock photos we've ever spotted online. They will leave you with a lot of questions—"Who the heck would buy them?" for example. Some of them are so funny that they will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Let's take a minute to scroll down and check them out for yourselves right now. What is the most bizarre one? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

#1. Grandma teaches blond children important life lessons

Stock PhotosSource: mrbenmarko

#2. Drink driving taken to a new level

Stock PhotosSource: kaylthetaco

#3. Excuse me miss, but that's my D you're sitting on

Stock PhotosSource:

#4. Because who doesn't need a picture of a cross-dressing Hitler peeling potatoes?

Stock PhotosSource: yaa_thats_me

#5. Guy reaches through computer screen and types backwards while a surprised cat looks off into the distance

Stock PhotosSource: SiomarTehBeefalo

#6. "Hacker" Stockphotos are the best

Stock PhotosSource: Aelaan_Bluewood

#7. When your knees' hands have lots of pills

Stock PhotosSource: lavendyahu

#8. A young boy trying to kill himself with a barcode scanner

Stock PhotosSource: Franeg

#9. Grandma's not coming to Christmas, this year

Stock PhotosSource: Lavender_Man

#10. Memory loss is more painful than you might think

Source: KarlKlngOfDucks

#11. Burger baby

Stock PhotosSource: boredbenny

#12. I love you...but I love the insurance money more

Stock PhotosSource: Kilroy2

#13. Hmmm

Stock PhotosSource: ItchyUnfavorableness

#14. Umm, yeah, I think we found the murderer

Stock PhotosSource: BunnyAdorbs

#15. Eyeteeth

Stock PhotosSource: owlyou

#16. "Hey lady, your computer isn't even switched on"

Stock PhotosSource: dhrxv

#17. Happens every time

Stock PhotosSource: TAGdup31415

#18. Man in eyepatch pretending to play the violin with an abacus

Stock PhotosSource: jacksback88

#19. Cat snake cooking a magical potion

Source: ShutterCount

#20. Need to get home before the storm, but I’m hitting all the cat lights

Stock PhotosSource:

#21. Man with a meat loaf mask blended into his skin

Stock PhotosSource: Chestarpewnewtbattar

#22. Your guess is as good as mine

Stock PhotosSource: Bren12310

#23. I guess you could say, he's "hung"

Stock PhotosSource:

#24. Alligator attacking businesswoman in the office cubicle

Stock PhotosSource: JCMotors

#25. What do I do with this?

Stock PhotosSource: BoboIsTheHobo

#26. That guy seems happy

Source: subs2piediepew

#27. Pill that's actually hard to swallow

Stock PhotosSource: chamlord

#28. Italian baby

Source: GreenhouseDark

#29. The tides have turned brenda

Stock PhotosSource: Nj_Dubbs

#30. Bubble wrap fun

Source: frumpinator

#31. Fishing

Source: rehg1ne

#32. When no one shows up to your Victorian themed Whoville party

Source: H3ro0fTime

#33. Hey dad, I found my new kink!

Source: deftones_bro

#34. Man poking a GPU card with a soldering iron

Source: Petrovjan

#35. Man with overly large pants

Source: losdr

#36. I believe I can fly

Source: PrinceOfHungary

#37. Yes grandma, I want some ice-cream

Source: LittleDuckk_

#38. True love

Source: S19TealPenguin

#39. This makes me feel uncomfortable

Source: Ehrenpulli

#40. This boy installing the newest piece of software

Source: TeoTheBeast

#41. Trying to tell your wife her cooking is sh*t

Source: joseag19

#42. It's a prank

Source: owlyou

#43. The man...

Source: Nubbins02

#44. Ironman

Source: hitting_mices

#45. Just why

Source: AudioManager651

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