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Laugh Out Loud With These Dangerous But Hilarious DIY Solutions Of Car Owners

Cars are a popular means of transportation because they can be used regardless of the weather. Moreover, owning a car also brings many other benefits. Cars can protect us from all kinds of dangers from the attack of wild animals to the harm of UV rays in the sweltering heat. But time passes, and your car will just get aged like anything else. It may encounter many problems as a result of an accident, bad weather, or something else. However, many a little makes a mickle. The more your car is damaged, the uglier it becomes. Then, dealing with the aftermath while maintaining the car’s aesthetic will be a stressful task.

We all know that even with insurance, sometimes fixing up a car can be rather costly. But having your car repaired at an auto repair shop isn’t the only solution. Take these people below for example. They chose to repair their cars themselves. But sometimes, it’s not just repairing, it’s upgrading, and their crazy upgrades can be dangerous at times. We have compiled hilarious DIY car fixes & upgrades in a mega-list that are bound to make you giggle.

#1. What’s in a seat without seat belts

Source: travelermaster.com

#2. Impressive!!

Source: imgur.com

#3. The struggle is real

Source: imgur.com

#4. Why not fix it yourself

Source: imgur.com

#5. Inner door handle

Source: imgur.com

#6. You can do anything

Source: imgur.com

#7. Coke to the rescue

Source: gocar.gr

#8. If you’re missing something, just put something into and it’ll be fine

Source: net.hr

#9. Wait, that’s not for keeping people out, it’s for keeping something IN!!!

Source: imgur.com

#10. Why not fix it yourself

Source: imgur.com

#11. Door opener

Source: oddstuffmagazine.com

#12. Fuel door remedy

Source: watson.ch

#13. Shine your light!!

Source: imgur.com

#14. “Trust me, I’m an engineer”

Source: tumgir.com

#15. Take it easy!!

Source: imgur.com

#16. Does anyone see 2 nostrils like me?

Source: 9gag.com

#17. Grandmom fixed it

Source: tuul.tv

#18. Unimaginable

Source: kroonika.delfi.ee

#19. It’s not difficult to have an expensive car

Source: watson.ch

#20. Decide is it creative or fail?

Source: imgur.com

#21. No problem

Source: m.cuantarazon.com

#22. A “tree” car

Source: ucrazy.ru

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