Top Ranking Strongest Weapons And Artifacts In the MCU So Far

Without powerful armaments, the MCU's superheroes and supervillains would not have been who they really are. The swords, scepters, armors, shields, and numerous more absolutely fascinating weaponry don't ever fail to amaze us. While the attention is typically on the good guys and bad guys and epic battles against each other, the weaponry employed by each side in the war among good and evil are powerful in their own sense. Such weapons have the ability to resurrect the dead, change the chronology of events, and perhaps even distort reality entirely. Several of these armaments have the capacity to destroy gods, while others are employed to defend regular people from gang rulers.
Even if some weapons are more powerful than others, each weaponry has indeed been specifically designed to change the course of the MCU at a certain period. So, who do you believe possesses the universe's most powerful weapon? Is he a superhero or a villain? So, let's make a list of them and see what happens.

#1 Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet

#2 Eye Of Agamotto

#3 Thor’s Stormbreaker

#4 Surtur’s Twilight Sword

#5 Hela’s Necroswords

#6 Thor’s Mjolnir

#7 Iron Man’s Bleeding Edge Armor

#8 Shang Chi's The Ten Rings

#9 Heimdall’s Hofund

#10 Loki’s Chitauri Scepter

#11 The Book of Cagliostro

#12 Yondu’s Yaka Arrow

#13 Dr. Strange’s Sling Ring

#14 Black Panther’s Suit AKA Panther Habit

#15 Captain America’s Shield

#16 Winter Soldier’s Arm

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