Back To The Matrix: 8 Core Characters Revealed In The Matrix Resurrections

The 2nd and 3rd films in the classic Matrix trilogy, in fact, disappointed many audiences. So, it came as a surprise that Lana Wachowski announced she was returning to the universe which she and sister Lily Wachowski crafted to earth-shattering success in 1999. Nevertheless, there appears to be even more story worth telling in the universe of The Matrix, as Carrie-Ann Moss as Trinity, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Morpheus, and Jessica Henwick as Bugs might very well meet Neo in The Matrix Resurrections, alongside Neil Patrick Harris, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Erendira Ibarra, as well as Jonathan Groff.nullInformation about some of the central characters in The Matrix Resurrections is now being kept from the public certainly up until the last hour. Viewers can, though, get a quick look at some of the characters in the upcoming Matrix movie courtesy of 8 new character posters. The visuals are aesthetically attractive, although if they do not even convey much about certain films' more enigmatic figures.

#1 Keanu Reeves As Neo

#2 Carrie Ann Moss As Trinity

#3 Jessica Henwick as Bugs

#4 Yahya Abdul Mateen II as Morpheus

#5 Priyanka Chopra Jonas

#6 Eréndira Ibarra

#7 Jonathan Groff

#8 Neil Patrick Harris

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