Fascinating Details About Iron-Man Tony Stark That Will Take Your Tear

It's really no surprise that humanity's best protagonist, Tony Stark aka Iron-Man, is among the franchise's foundations. Robert Downey Jr. is the reason why enthusiasts are obsessed with all of the Tony Stark information, they rarely skip out on anything. Whether you like the MCU or not, we all understand how much Tony Stark enjoys becoming Iron-Man. With most of his effort and dedication making it all worthwhile, he has obviously taken our hearts.
As a result, fans pay attention to every factor of his actions and so on! However, many small and hidden details were often overlooked by viewers. In fact, most of them are quite fascinating and touching to learn about, they make Tony seems to have more dept. Here, we collect details that we recognize and are convinced that any MCU devoted fan wouldn't have seen before.

#1 From Iron-Man to Endgame

#2 Stark’s way of showing love

#3 The bond he had with Pietro

#4 “The suit and I are one”

#5 The guilt trip from Civil War

#6 Won the battle but lost the war

#7 The Man. The Intelligence. The Vision.

#8 His last smirk

#9 His failures are his only teacher

#10 The Irony of Iron Man

#11 The legacy goes on

#12 Revisited his whole life in a moment

#13 Being an Avenger

#14 Days that are hectic

#15 The best defender of Earth.

#16 The equation and the memory

#17 The forever favorite Avenger

#18 That precious smile of our Iron-man

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