Check Out Funniest Post - Credit Scenes We Have Ever Seen In The MCU Movies

In the latest MCU blockbuster, Shang-Chi and The Legend Of The Ten Rings, the mid-credits sequence elicited many curiosity, as well as many laughs. That was a good example of the MCU's capacity to utilize mid- and post-credits moments in a variety of ways, frequently resulting in a few of the funniest moments in their theatrical releases. Some of these are among the most amusing sequences in the MCU.Aside from Shang-Chi, several other MCU films implement one of its ending sequences to offer viewers something more to giggle about as they exit the cinema. The greatest scenes were absolutely unanticipated and create a lot of discussion and interest in what will follow next.

#1 Guardians Of The Galaxy

At the ending of the very first Guardians of the Galaxy film, one of the weirdest post-credits moments in the whole MCU happens, when viewers learn that Groot is really not gone and is already blooming into a mini-Groot. More than that, he's dancing along with the soundtrack in the film while avoiding Drax The Destroyer's sight. The sequence is a wonderful encapsulation of the film's charming and hilarious essence, establishing baby Groot as an overnight superstar and sending viewers out of the cinema on a positive note.

#2 The Avengers

Iron Man recommends the crew have some shawarma just after Fight of New York, and the brief but nice closing moment displays them fatigued and satiated as they dine in a cafeteria which is still sweeping up after the mayhem of the conflict. It's straightforward and amusing, and it sets the tone for many more situations like it in the ahead.

#3 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

In the scenario, Stan Lee is perhaps delivering fantastic stories to what turns out to be a couple of Watchers. Lovers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe may know them as Uatu, The Watcher, who narrates the What If...? animated series. It's fascinating to watch The Watchers simply walk away as Stan Lee continues to regale them with his incredible adventures, a scenario that also generates many fascinating possibilities about who Stan Lee's persona truly is.

#4 Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings

Upon establishing an intriguing puzzle about where the Ten Rings may have come from, the focus turns from Kamar-Taj to a karaoke club somewhere within San Francisco. Shang-Chi, Katy, and Wong all join up to sing a drunken version of the Eagles' "Hotel California," which pays off the music's humorous theme all through the film and provides audiences yet another motivation to adore Wong.

#5 Spider-Man: Homecoming

For just how ironic it really is, this Captain America PSA ad from the ending of Spider-Man: Homecoming scores really high in the mind of viewers. Through this moment, fans had been prepared to wait until the end for possible sequences, and this moment makes fun of that by letting Captain America remark on the importance of patience and teenager stuff.

#6 Ant-Man And The Wasp

Thanos whacks the majority of the characters, left only a gigantic ant alone and in Scott Lang's apartment, playing drums while the planet stops working outdoors. It is really darkly humorous in several ways. in addition, it maintains the MCU's habit of not letting extremely serious situations like The Snap become too depressing by loosening things up with a later scene.

#7 Iron Man 3

The sequence shows Tony Stark engaged in what looks to be some constructive therapy, but it soon becomes clear that he's chatting to his friend and teammate Dr. Bruce Banner. The best moment is when Banner falls asleep while Tony keeps chatting. "You know, I'm not that type of doctor," Banner explains when Tony Stark wakes him up.

#8 Spider-Man: Far From Home

Viewers learn that S.H.I.E.L.D. officers Nick Fury & Maria Hill have always been Skrulls in undercover, notably Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) and his companion Soren from the Captain Marvel film. Talos reflects on how believable he was as Nick Fury, which causes laughter at the moment. He gets fired up in the chat, as he often does until Soren reminds him to call Nick Fury out in space.

#9 Loki

When the Variant Loki awakened in a desert encircled by a few of the coolest versions of the God of Mischief in the cartoon or comics, such as the absolutely memorable Alligator Loki, fans certainly had just as many thoughts as chuckles. The appearance of the reptile Loki as well as the elder Loki (portrayed by Richard E. Grant) in his iconic Marvel Comics outfit was a great deal of fun and kept up also with the series' gonzo tone.

#10 Black Widow

The ending moment of Black Widow probably had viewers wondering where The Contessa will reappear again, but it also made people giggle. They could have been awkwardly giggling at The Contessa's poor attempts at comedy at Natasha Romanoff's graveside, which didn't appeal to the grieving Yelena Belova.
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