10 Insane Marvel Theories That Completely Make Sense

If you are a True Belieber at heart, then this spot is definitely a must-go! Created in December 2016, r/MarvelTheories is a fun subreddit where Marvel fans can share their own interesting theories that are related to MCU Movies and receive feedback on them. The community has attracted 20.6k members so far and every day, there are always new ideas to freely gush about and chew over with other Marvel fanatics there.
In fact, members of r/MarvelTheories have come up with plenty of unimaginable opinions that may sound a little bit crazy, but totally make sense. Well, they seem so wrong they're right! And you know what? Some of them even came true and were confirmed by the movies themselves.
Before discovering this amusing place, scroll down and see the top 10 upvoted theories we have piled up for you!

#1. What did the cat do?

Source: Alphagamer456

#2. WandaVision Theory: The “Luke Skywalker” type appearance will be none other than John C Reilly’s character from Guardians of the Galaxy. He is Agatha’s only known weakness.

Source: carterb_99

#3. John Walker is Cooper from the Black Mirror episode playtest. He's still in the chair but thinks he's the new Captain America.

Source: BeersForSmarch

#4. Future Tony Stark = Spider-Man’s New AI?

Source: CaptainSpaceWolf13

#5. Pretty much anything which gives us pleasure of multiverse happening is fine.

Source: Cpt_Catastro

#6. So does that mean Thanos is still somewhere too?

Source: _Mavericks

#7. Loki and Wandavision have scenes connected in their final episodes. Wanda created the madness multiverse and made Kang lose his control!

Source: AdventurousCorner472

#8. “What if” set in the current day, not 2008?

Source: frostyroom08

#9. Spider-Man: No Way Home: The Doctor Strange we see with Peter on the trains is a variant, he is wearing all black and seems sinister in his face while maybe “attacking” Peter.

Source: Tae-De-Wolfe

#10. Or maybe Mephisto is the Power Broker. Who knows?

Source: eatyummybacon2

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