Who is the happiest person in this world?

Do you think it's YOU who is the happiest person in the world? If not, read these three little stories to find the answer.


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Sometimes in our lives, we always look up to others’ happiness. And then, we are struggling to find our own happiness. 
There is an interesting question that all of us should have asked at least one time in life: “Who is the happiest person in the world?”. Above all, there are four thoughtful answers: 
  • An artist who is so over the moon and proud of the work that he/she just finished. 
  • A mum who is bathing her child. 
  • A child who is building his/her sandcastle. 
  • A doctor who just successfully saved his patient after hours of tiring surgery. 
Those are simply happiness. It’s all around us, you just need to feel it by your heart. 


There is a talented poet living in wealth with his beautiful wife and adorable kids, but he never feels happy. One day, he begs God to help him and God accepts. 
First, God takes all his property, then his family and last is his poetry talent. At this point, the poet is desperate and all he wants to do is end his life. 
One month later, God returns everything to him. Now he knees down and thanked God that gives him happiness. 


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The houses of the poor usually are very small, four generations may have to live under the same roof. So their house is extremely cramped. A young poor man asked God to help him out of this predicament. 
God said, "Let the chickens and ducks live with you for a week. Then come see me." 
A week later, the poor tired man came to ask God to help him again. 
God said, "Let the cows and sheep into the house and live with them for a week. A week later, come back to me." 
After another week, the man fervently prayed to God again. 
God said, "Send those animals away, and a week later, come back to me." 
A week later, the young man knelt at God's feet, deeply thanking God for giving him a taste of long-lost happiness. 
In fact, God did not give them anything more, but only gave them the feeling of losing and gaining it back. From there, they realize the satisfaction of possession and begin to appreciate the present. 
In many cases, when we suffer because we cannot find happiness, it is not true happiness that leaves us and becomes out of reach, but because we ourselves have lost our way and are looking for luxuries. 
When we become emotionless, we turn a blind eye to happiness, but happiness is always silently beside us. One day, suddenly wake up, suddenly look back, you will find happiness smiling and quietly waiting for you. 

Try to do this to find your own happiness: 

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Love the simple things 
Are you really happy when buying new things, changing a new car or getting promoted? Or are those just some highlights of happiness in the long journey of you finding your true happiness? 
Sometimes happiness comes from small moments in your daily life. It can be a time when you listen to a favourite song, enjoy a simple breakfast or just have a good conversation with your love. Great wishes can take a long time to achieve, why don’t we choose small joys to motivate you every day! 
Learn to achieve Work-Life balance: 
Work and life are two essential aspects, which are interrelated. Understanding that happy people know how to balance time for work and life. They focus on the maximum during 8 hours of work. Therefore, they step out of the office in the most comfortable mood and enjoy their after-work life to the fullest. This helps them feel free to spend time on personal interests. Moreover, spending time doing what they love is a way for them to regain their energy to work more efficiently and creatively. 
Give to get 
Where has happy people, there is laughter. Happy people have their own optimism, so they know how to create a happy atmosphere. For them, bringing joy and sharing joy is the way to make themselves happy. They know how to motivate pessimists to be more confident, as well as willing to share the excitement when others achieve success. 
Be open-minded 
Happy people accept others' points of view with an open mind, without judgment and imposition. They understand well that holding on to stereotypes and "me" only increases negative emotions. Instead, they choose to listen to understand, respect the feelings of others, and offer appropriate advice with full empathy. 
Face challenges with a positive mindset 
Happy people understand that change is a part of life. Therefore, they accept all challenges with readiness. At the same time, they see difficulties as an opportunity to learn new things and practice bravery. That's why it's easier for them to achieve success and feel happier. 
Create your own little happiness everyday 
Happy people always appreciate the moments they are experiencing, instead of spending time regretting the past or worrying about the future. To achieve that, they are always alert to anticipate possible situations and face risks willingly. Typically, when it comes to spending, happy people always plan ahead to enjoy every minute of their life with peace of mind. 
So, in this world, you may not be the happiest person, but you are certainly not the most unfortunate person. 
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